Fridge Stands!

New custom magnetic stands for your vape gear! The SteamMonkey Fridge Stands.

They come in a few different form factors and colors right now, I’ll be adding more as I can. If you have something specific you’d like to see in a fridge stand, feel free to contact me via the website or on facebook.

Head over to the store to check out the full description.


Being the end of Tax Season, what better time to launch Capone.

Capone is the newest flavor from Grizzly Vapes. It’s a cream tobacco with the Grizzly Vapes signature complexity. A full day on this and you’ll describe it 5 different ways. Walter feels like it’s his best juice since Nanner Bear so… you gotta try this one.

To make it easier to try, I’ve also put up a coupon code “Capone” for 3$ off a 30ml bottle. Coupon code will be active until April 30th so, jump on it!

Also, we’ve added 120ml Simples and added Black Cloud, Blue Cloud, and White Cloud to the 120, 250, 500, and 1L bottle sizes. Capone is also in the big bottles now as well.

Go forth and vape great things!




Rebuilding a better tomorrow, RBA supplies at SteamMonkey.

There’s been a lot of posting about our Catalyst, kit updates, and our juice refresh but I wanted to remind folks about one section of the store that I take personal pride in, our rebuildable supplies.

I started selling Kanthal and Stainless Steel Mesh shortly after I opened up the SteamMonkey online store. Since then, I’ve been refining my offerings, I’ve changed packaging multiple times, processing methods, etc. I’m always picking up new stuff and in the next few months I’ll be releasing some custom wire products that we make in house… and I promise, no secrets about what the wire is made of ;) That said, we have a wide selection of rebuildable supplies already, as well as some fun tools.

Kanthal A1: Only A1. I am very picky with my source that I get Kanthal A1 for a variety of reasons, chief among them, the fact that it’s the most consistent alloy for our uses. Spools, bobbins, cards, etc, all annoyed me. I’ve tried them all, I finally found a packaging method that makes me happy. I cut the Kanthal into 1ft lengths and package it folded over, in a 6inch plastic tube with hard caps. This makes pulling out a wire to make a coil easy and gives you a place to put the left over length for future use. It’s easy, no tangles, no rats nests, and provides an easy storage for clipped parts so you don’t have to work live from a spool or waste a bunch by throwing away that long end you left. We offer it in 32, 30, 28, 26, and 24awg. I’ll be adding heavier gauges in the future.

Wick Materials: We have 400×400 and 500×500 SS mesh. 316L Stainless mesh that comes in a 6inch by 12inch sheet. We also carry Ekowool in 2mm hollow, 3mm hollow, and 3mm solid. The 3mm Solid is excellent for super high heat builds. It holds a good amount of juice and won’t self destruct when it gets hot. The 3mm and 2mm hollow make excellent sleeves for mesh, cable, etc. And last but not least, we carry Organic Japanese Cotton. I don’t call it anything fancy, but it’s the cotton you know and love. 10 squares per package. This is my personal favorite wicking material at the moment.

Tools: We’ve got the EC Supply Ceramic Coil kit, this comes with ceramic rods in various diameters to build coils on and ceramic tipped tweezers. The benefit of building on ceramic is you can fire the coil ON the rod without shorting it out. We’ve all fused a coil to our screwdriver once or twice by now, this eliminates that. The Ceramic tweezers let you pinch down and adjust those micro/contact coils while firing without fear of shorting em out as well. I’ll also be adding the Coil Smarter coiling jig soon. This is the coil jig where you stick the wire up through the bottom then turn a small cap to wrap the perfect coil. It comes with multiple diameter rods for building different types of coils and can even do parallels. It’s a great little tool and I use one personally just about everytime I build.

More supplies are coming soon, advanced wire, alternative wicking options, and more tools to make your rebuilding easier than ever. Everything we sell fills a need and has attention given to not only it’s function, but it’s packaging, to make your life easier so you can spend more time vaping and less time messing around with stuff.

If you need something to build ON or are looking to get started, we currently have a number of chinese RBAs on sale for 5$. The Igo-W3, Igo-W6, and RSST. If you’re looking for a little more advanced, we have the In’Ax 16mm in limited quantities still and will have a few new high end atomizers coming in SOON.

Go forth and vape great things!



Catalyst Round 2.

The second batch of catalysts have gone up on SteamMonkey. Glow in the Dark is currently off the options list but we’ve still got the other colors as well as the two color change options out there. Get em while they’re hot.


Grizzly Vapes E-liquids Profiled by a Food Snob. (The Bears)

Ok, nothing I say can make this NOT a marketing post, but… I thought it was time to really break down my own personal take on the various flavors we make. There are some I personally enjoy quite a bit and some I’m not a fan of. What I’ll be doing below is describing the juice as best I can without letting my personal ‘taste’ get in the way. I’m a bit of a foodie so nuance of flavor and subtle notes are the type of thing I like to pontificate on. I hope this is helpful to at lease some folks who take their juice flavor profiles seriously.

That said, all people taste things differently. The snozzberries do not always taste like snozzberries. Folks own personal chemistry will impact what notes work, what notes don’t, and can even change the perceived flavor into something completely different. Think about brussels sprouts, some folks love em, other people can’t imagine why. There’s a reason. Brussels Sprouts have a certain chemical in them that tastes bitter to people with a certain variation of a certain gene… to the rest of us, they taste completely different and without the bitter, nasty taste, that some folks pick up from them. Knowing that is a huge help when it comes to picking out flavors and identifying the things you like. When some one tastes nannerbear and tells me they taste butter (rare, but it happens), I know what sort of chemistry I’m working with now… 9 times out of 10, if that person tastes butter in Nannerbear, they’ll probably love Sunrise and Front Porch. Knowing your own personal palette will help you navigate the myriad of flavor profiles out there and not waste much time on juices that include notes you know you’re going to dislike.

And with that nonsense out of the way… on to the flavors.


The Bears: All ~80% VG, 20% PG. I personally vape at 6mg, but they’re available in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18.

The original flavor from Grizzly Vapes. It’s a complex blend of banana, coconut, tobacco, and a unique minty ‘finish’. The complexity of the juice makes describing it hard. Different people taste different notes as the dominant flavor when they first start vaping it, what you’ve eaten or drank recently will impact it, the last flavor you were vaping will impact it, the wattage you’re vaping at will impact it. I personally pick up the banana and tobacco early on with the banana slowing fading into the background and the rich herbal notes, minty finish, and coconut starting to creep out during midday. By the end of the day the banana makes a come back but the tobacco has faded and I’m tasting mostly banana and coconut with a hint of the herbal tones and the minty finish has turned into just a sensation on the exhale. The tobacco is not like most tobacco vapes you’ll find. It’s not the dominant flavor for most people, but it IS present. The tobacco has a dark herbal type of flavor, almost like a Tea blend. When combined with the cool finish from the secret ingredient, it has a very soothing effect. When you crank up the wattage on this one it universally amplifies all of the flavors. The banana gets a little deeper, the tobacco a little darker, the coconut has more of an aftertaste and “breath” to it and the sweetness is fortified but never becomes cloying. Ultimately, this is the juice that started a company for a reason, it’s deep and keeps changing and evolving with you during the day.


The Minty version of Nanner. All of the Nannerbear flavors are still here but it’s got a potent and sweet mint blend added to it. There is a definite “menthol” note but it’s not the dominant cooling factor. It has more of a sweet mint flavor layered on top of the NB with a slight mentholated finish hiding underneath the sweet minty tones. Mostly to bolster the mint and give it that true chilling effect that only menthol can have on the soft palette. The Banana and Coconut plate very nicely with the minty blend. The tropical flavors with the sweet mint are ridiculously addictive and the chill factor is high without the medicinal taste you get from some powerful mentholated juices. The tobacco plays a smaller role to me in this bear than the other two, the dark, rich tobacco is present but always seems to be a note and not a dominant flavor, the herbal notes do come through but are also always just notes behind the other flavors fighting for dominance. The daily dynamic for me starts out with a strong coconut and mint with the tobacco and herbal notes underpinning in the morning, by midday the banana has stepped up and the coconut has faded back. The mint gets sweeter during the day and I taste less and less of the actual menthol (which I actually appreciate in the morning). By the end of the day it’s got a well blended balance between the darker notes, the sweet mints, the banana and the coconut which finishes the day off very nicely.


Nannerbear as a base again, but this time with Walter’s chocolate blend. Chocolate is a hard thing to make into a good vape and I consider Walter’s mix to be one of the best chocolate bases I’ve had, it’s used in a few of our flavors (below). The nannerbear is more dominant in this one than in Polar, but the chocolate and vanilla liqueur flavors bring a bit more sweetness and a dark rich flavor. It’s more “cocoa” than “melt in your mouth” chocolate. Like a chocolate flavored tea or coffee without a lot of heavy creaminess. The aftertaste and breath on this one lingers in a pleasant way and the slight cooling factor from Nannerbear is still there and just adds the right amount of palette cleansing to keep the flavor interesting. Like Nannerbear, throughout the day this one will evolve. My personal path is the chocolate and banana take center stage early on. About midday, the tobacco and coconut come up and the banana fades back, the chocolate is still present but not as dominant, it just blends in with the tobacco and coconut to make a really well meshed, dark, and rich flavor. The minty note tends to always be an aftertaste and ‘feeling’ when I’m vaping kokobear as opposed to a dominant note like it is in Nannerbear. At the end of the day the banana always makes a comeback and the tobacco falls to the rear so it tastes a lot more like Nannerbear with a chocolate punch on the inhale and a bit of vanilla and cocoa on the exhale.

That’s it for the bears: I’ll be posting again tomorrow morning to cover the Country Day line and will follow that with the Clouds, and finally run through all of the Simples in a 4th post, so Stay Tuned!



What happens when you put a bear inside a unicorn?

So, the sale is over and I alluded to a bit of a shake up on the juice line. We’ve decided to go back to our roots. Back to the place where we chose function over form, value and quality over bling and trend chasing. We’ve completely revamped our packaging for all of the Grizzly Vapes liquids as a few other changes.

The first change was dropping our new “ultra premium” line back down to premium. The soup cans and what not were fun, but it just isn’t our style. The Clouds are now priced and packaged exactly like the Bears and Country Day lines.

Second, we’ve made some changes to the Simple line. We’ll be calling them by their flavor name now instead of the Number we used before. I.e. Simple 1 is now Simple Tobacco. The juice itself hasn’t changed, it’s still the same quality ingredients and “no steep needed” mixing process that we use on all of the Grizzly Vapes lines. We are also offering the Simple juices in 120ml Sizes now AND in 3mg nicotine strength!

And last but definitely not least… we’ve completely changed our packaging… well, one part stayed the same! All Grizzly Vapes E-liquid will be shipped in 30ml Unicorn Bottles. The LDPE bottles we’ve used since the beginning are quite loved by our most loyal fans and when we’ve discussed changing packaging in the past they have threatened crucifixion… however, I think we’ve managed to make the change in a way that will keep all you guys happy. The new Unicorn Bottles we are using have the same nipple and top cap as our old 30ml bottles. The long spout that makes it so easy to fill up tanks, drip, etc. The Unicorn bottles are so much easier to pocket, they fit in anything that a standard 22mm mod will fit in, and they are just a dream when it comes to filling up clearomizers because of the narrow shoulder making it easier to stick the bottle down into the tank to avoid squirting juice down the air tube.

To celebrate our new packaging, we’re giving away a BLOCK of the Bears. Our new storage racks (Seen below) hold exactly 25 bottles. Oddly enough, we have exactly 24 flavors and 1 in beta right now. So, we’re going to give away one of our in house 3d printed storage blocks with 1 of every flavor + a bottle of our new Beta juice in whatever nicotine strength the winner chooses.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is take the picture below and post it on a social network that we frequent, in that post, tag or  @ my username so it notifies me and that will count as your entry. You get 1 entry per social network listed below, so you can post it in multiple places.
Facebook: Tag Lance Wallen and #SteamMonkey #GrizzlyVapes
Twitter: @steammonkey @grizzlyvapes
Instagram: @SteamMonkey @GrizzlyVapes

I’ll choose the winner on Saturday night and announce it here on the blog which will automatically share to facebook and twitter.

Special note: The Clouds will still ship in their Cans until we run out of canned juice, after that they’ll be switched over to the Unicorn bottles. So, you still get fancy packaging… for now.


Juice sale and re-classification of the Decodence line.

We’re getting back to our roots and dropping some of the pretense we picked up recently. The Decodence line just doesn’t jive with us, we’ve always been about offering the best product for the best price and not trying to “keep up with the Joneses” so to speak. As such, the Decodence line is being rolled into the normal Grizzly Vapes premiums and will be priced at 15$ just like our other premium flavors. We’ll be dropping the fancy packaging and moving to the same bottles we package all the Grizzly Vapes juice in. We’ve got a number of other big developments coming on the juice side of things very soon so stay tuned… but about that sale…


All Grizzly Vapes premiums are on sale for 12$, normally 15$ (that includes the reclassified Decodence juices) 30ml bottles.

All Grizzly Vapes Simples are on sale for 6$, normally 8$. That’s for 30ml!

The Decodence stuff will still ship in the can with the glass bottle while current stock lasts, but we’ll be switching them over as soon as the current shelf stock runs out.

So swing by and snatch some juice while it lasts. The sale will run until Walter cries uncle or we run out of bottles :)

Catalyst Exotics live, and a brief video.



I just added a small batch of Catalysts to the store along with the Exotic color options. We’ll be putting some spare doors up in stock in the next week or so for those of you who want to have a spare or change out colors on the door. Full DIY kits and full spare parts will be up by the end of April. I also put together a quick video on the box, you can watch it below or see it on the Catalyst item listing over at

We’re working to get these out there faster and in larger quantities so if you miss your chance, don’t worry, we’ll have more soon! The next big ramp up in production is already underway so we’re starting to take wholesale orders now as well. There are some additional options available to wholesale customers to customize the box for your shop so if you’re a shop owner and interested in carrying a home grown, US made mechanical box with a bevy of different colors and options, shoot me an email or contact me via the Contact Us page on!


Catalyst limited launch: Thursday 3-26-2015 at 5pm CDT.

Today at 5pm I’ll be posting an item listing on for the Catalyst. The way this will work is there are going to be 10 units “in stock”, we will doing full customization on these. You can pick the spacer style (open or closed), the battery size (350 or 650), and the color of the spacer, body, and door. We will ship within a week of your order.

Once these 10 are gone, we’ll be putting them together and I’ll put another list up.

The initial colors will be or ‘stock’ colors. In the not too distant future, we will be offering exotic colors/types of plastic. Things like glow in the dark, temperature sensitive color change material, 3d printed “wood”, “stone”, and “metal”. These will be limited quantities and a separate item listing, you’ll be able to go to the exotics item listing and choose that special option along with the standard stock colors. These will be hit and miss as the filament isn’t always readily available and some of them are sort of a pain in the ass to produce so we can’t make a lot of them, quickly. Think of it as a flavor of the week/month/whatever time frame SteamMonkey manages to pull out of his ass ;) There will be no rhyme or reason to the order in which they get posted, when one particular one returns or if it even does. It all depends on what we’re feeling at the time and how much you guys request specific exotics after we start releasing them.

But… if you don’t care about the exotics and just want to get your hands on one of this years already hottest little boxes, tonight’s your chance. Like I said earlier, there will be 10 available slots going live at 5pm. I will get another set ready as soon as possible after that!
We are ramping up full production on these and offering them in wholesale, so expect to see the availability get at least a little better in the very near future. That said, this is a completely made in the USA device, all of the main parts are designed in house and we actually print every plastic part (except the delrin chunk in the very middle) in house. We are ramping it up as fast as possible but quality control and giving personal attention to each and every new owner of the Catalyst is paramount to us. This device is the first step in a much larger plan for modular, expandable, and customizable personal vaporizers, it’s named the Catalyst for a reason :)

Below you’ll see some new shots depicting various options and configurations, as well as all of the “stock” colors we’ll be offering. Tiffany Blue might end up on the Exotic list so… if you’re really into that one, better try to get em now before they get bumped over to exotic.




Bottom Left: Catalyst (18650), Open spacer. Bottom Right: Catalyst (18650), Close Spacer, multi colored. Top: Catalyst Mini (18350) Closed spacer.


Color options Left to Right: Red, Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Tiffany Blue, Pink.


The Catalyst Box by SteamMonkey: Preview.

You’ve probably seen it sneaking around on instagram and facebook… tiny little 3d printed box, rumors of color change and glowing cases…

Well, here’s a bit of a teaser.

The Catalyst is based on a modular framework that we designed specifically for mechanical boxes. The “skeleton” of the mod can be arranged for multiple form factors. Initial launch will be parallel mechanical.

The box will be initially released in 18350 and 18650 sizes. We will offer 18490 in limited runs and for special order to wholesale accounts.

The skeleton itself is comprisef of stainless steel, brass, and copper. The negative battery contacts are silver plated Beryllium Copper springs, connected to the stainless steel base plate with brass screws. The “case ground” is handled by brass rods running from the base plate up to the top plate. The positive battery contacts are machined solid copper plates with large surface area contact, the switch itself is a 6mm copper rod that connects both of the heavy copper plates to complete the circuit. This switch can handle more than our batteries can provide. The 510 connector is a Fat Daddy V4. All connections are purely mechanical, there isn’t a single dab of solder in the entire device.

The skeleton on it’s own is a functional mod… sort of. The batteries would be naked, and while naked is fun, it can also be dangerous. So we make it some clothes, in house, with our 3d Printers. This means there can possibly be some artifacts from the 3d printing process, the cases are not perfectly smooth. Personally, I prefer the texture of a 3d printed box. All of them are being made with ABS. The 3d printing process does, however, offer us a lot of flexibility in design. We are going to be offering full customization in color choice right from the beginning. In the pictures below you’ll see colored parts, the “spacer” which goes between the top plate and the black delrin piece that holds the contacts and switch body, the main body, and the door. Spacers come in 2 varieties, open and closed. Open spacers expose the switch column and 510 head inside the device which gives it a great industrial look. Closed spacers are solid and hide all the inner workings. When you place an order, you’ll be able to select the color and style of the spacer, the color of the body, and the color of the door. We currently have 10 materials available, not all will be available all the time. There will be ‘stock’ color options and some special run colors that we’ll make available in small batches once every couple of weeks.

Stock colors include: Red, Blue, Black, Natural (sort of off white), Green, Tiffany Blue, Pink, and Orange.

Special run colors include: Color change Purple to Pink, Color change Gray to White, Color Change Green to Yellow, and Glow in the dark (green glow, white appearance in the light).

We will be offering some random ‘special’ cases when we have time to print fun stuff. We will also be releasing other form factors and options as things progress.

The Catalyst is the 18650 parallel mechanical version. With Samsung 25R batteries, you’re looking at upwards of 50amp and 5000mAh.
The Catalyst Mini is the 18350 parallel mechanical version. With our Tensai 18350 batteries (14amp each) you’re looking at 28amp and 1400mAh. That’s down to a .2ohm build on a seriously tiny box.

These will be available for retail on “soon”. If you’re a shop owner or a wholesale distributor and are interested in these products, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss. These will be widely available for wholesale and we are seeking distribution from an established wholesale distributor. Previously we handled all our own wholesale but at this point in the companies development, my time is better suited to design and manufacture than wholesale logistics.

Not all colors are represented below. Stay tuned for some more glamour shots next week. (FYI: these are early production cases, not “final” product.)

Stock colors (minus Orange and Pink)
Open Spacer style.
Closed Spacer style.