Just a quicky, I just added Aerotank bases to the site. get that AFC on your Protank 2, Protank 3, or use it as a super tiny, unstable coaster for pretentious little drinks.

Probably shouldn’t do that last one.

Howdy, Monkeys!

Big update today. I’ll get the links out of the way for the impatient. I’ve completely changed my Kanthal offerings and dramatically lowered the price per foot, I’ve dropped the price on Ekowool, and I’ve added the HCigar Nemesis Clone in Copper, Steel, and special 2 tone Copper/Steel versions. All come with a free set of Magnets for the switch upgrade.

Ok, now for the details.

First, a word on clones. I don’t really like them. However, I’m a store owner and I’ve always said that I would provide what I consider to be the best option at various price points so that ‘all’ vapers, regardless of budget, could get the best equipment possible. At the moment, the best “inexpensive” mechanicals on the market right now are all clones. The Nemesis clone from Hcigar was my choice. These have no logos or serial numbers on them. They are not pretending. They are clones though and part of me still hates listing them, but like I said, I have to offer what I consider to be the best options to you guys and for those hunting a good quality, budget mechanical, this is one of the best options out there.

Now, onto the device. I’ve got 4 total ‘looks’ going on. The Steel, the Copper, and 2 combination 2 tones. With the 2 tones, I’ve taken the AFC, Beauty, and Locking rings and swapped them. The 510 head itself matches the body, but the AFC ring has been changed to give two different copper/steel two tone devices. I also have the complete Steel and Copper versions available as well. All of these will ship with 2 magnets in the box for doing the switch upgrade. They are direct from Hcigar, who, as far as clone shops go, I trust more than most to put out a quality product.

In addition to my clone launch, I’ve also made some changes to wick and wire. The big one is my Kanthal. All my Kanthal A1 is now offered in 30ft lengths just like before, but instead of 1 30ft piece wrapped up on a bobbin, I’ve cut it down into 1ft lengths and packaged it folded in a 6inch tube. The “useability” of this new set up is amazing. you can pull a pre-cut wire out and start a coil on one end, cut and put the rest in the tube without having to worry about a “spoolsplosion” that we’ve all experienced at least once. If you need to do a twisted wire coil, just pull out the whole 1ft piece, grab the bend and twist away. If you know you only need ~6″ to make your coil, snip it at the bend and pull out a single 6inch length. It’s easy, stores well, and more importantly than all of that… my new process is CHEAP.

Previously Kanthal was ~8.50$ per 30ft on SteamMonkey. Now my prices are MUCH lower. 32 and 30awg are 3$ per 30ft, 28awg is 4$, and I’ll be adding 26 and 24awg soon (price TBD, but I’m anticipating 5$ per 30ft).

I’ve also dropped the prices on my Ekowool across the board. I still have 2mm hollow, 3mm hollow, and 3mm solid core with prices of $3.50, $4, and $5 respectively.

Also, in light of the Nemesis launch, I’ve got the RSST and the Smok Magneto on DEEP discount to clear the shelves.

All that and more at http://steammonkey.com


Howdy, Monkeys!

Been a while, things are nutso up here in monkey land. But, I’ve just added some new stuff recently so I figured I’d pop over here and give everyone an update.

The Silverback Kit: Im constantly trying to provide the best options for vapers at all levels and as such, I’ve brought in a lower cost Variable Wattage device that’s a little more pocket friendly than the MVP. The iTaste VV V3. The new Silverback kit includes the VV V3 with it’s charging cable, a Mini Protank 2 +2 spare 1.8 coils, and my own little toss in, the 306 debridged dripping atomizer for juice taste testing.

The Gibbon Kit hasn’t changed recently, an MVP2 + mini Protank 2, but I did recently add some wardrobe for it. I’ve got a variety of american made MVP2 skins. Carbon fiber in a variety of colors, a custom SteamMonkey wrap, a custom Grizzly Vapes wrap, and a few more styles!

I’ve also added a full line of AW IMR batteries. Nipple top 18350, 18490, and the 1600mAh 18650s. All high drain, all recommended for Z2/Link product. These are the gold standard for batteries in both the flashlight and vaping enthusiast markets.

Aside from that, I’ve also listed up some ‘parts’ for those that want spare bits for their devices. I’ve got Kangers 510 chargers, the Evod VV 1000mAh batteries, and the VV V3 solo style.

And of course the Chimp Kit (Evod VV + Mini Protank 2 + dripper) and Spidermonkey (Evod 650mAh + Evod for 15$!) are still around and kickin!

The previous iterations of the Silverback kit included 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers. With this new set up, I highly recommend picking up a spare battery or an entirely second kit so that you’ve got a spare/back up device. The main reason for the change is so that I can provide more flexibility at multiple budget levels. By offering up single battery kits with spare batteries available, people can pick and choose what all they want with only the bare essentials being included in the actual kit itself.

Follow the links above, or head over to http://steammonkey.com and browse away.


Another big batch of juice came in. Just as a reminder, I’m having a store wide juice sale on all the Grizzly Vapes stuff. Tryin to drum up as much juice money as possible while we relocate Walter (the juice guy) from Tampa out to Fort Worth to work in the new facility we’re standing up.

All the Premiums (Nanner, Koko, Polarbear and Sunrise) are on sale for 13$ per 30ml (normally 15$) and all the simples are on sale for 6$ per 30ml… yes, 6$ for 30ml of juice that’s made with the same special blending process that Walter uses for all his liquids. You can’t beat that with a couple of sticks!

Just restocked 6mg in most things that were out of stock and threw in some KB12 as well. So if you were lookin for something during the sale and it sold out, it might be back.


Just threw some more stock in. This will be updated pretty much every day a juice box shows up. Stock will fluctuate wildly during the sale obviously so stay tuned to facebook, twitter, or the blog for the latest and greatest on what’s in stock. If we’re missing what you’re after, don’t fret, we’re aware and putting it up as fast as possible.

Just think of how great it’ll be when we get Lolerwaffles moved out here and he can crank juice ALL the time so it’s NEVER out of stock :)

Updated today: Simple 1 18mg, Simple 4 6mg, Sunrise 18mg, and Nannerbear 6mg.


http://steammonkey.com is back online.

Got a few announcements to go along with it too.

First: Sunrise is live. The new premium flavor from Grizzly Vapes. It’s a blueberry, honey, citrus flavor with all the complexity you’d expect from a grizzly vapes juice and all the difficulty in actually describing the flavor. It’s good, nuff said ;)

Second: I’ve got all my juice on sale currently. Premiums are at 13$x30ml, Simples are at 6$x30ml (!) and even Sunrise is on sale.

Stock is limited at the moment but I’ll be getting more juice pretty much every day, as the PO decides to drop my boxes off. This sale will be live until March 16th and is being held for a very specific reason…

I’m opening a store and a processing facility here in Fort Worth and, as some of you know, my juice guy is my partner in the second business that focuses on wholesale and manufacture and lives in Florida…. That facility is there for him to get some serious juice cranked out and we’re moving him to Texas! I’m very excited and I”m tryin to put him to work early so we can get as much juice moved as possible, as fast as possible between now and the end of the Dallas convention coming up so he can get moved out here quickly.

Oh, and We’ll be at the Dallas convention coming up on March 14, 15, 16th. More on that later.



Steammonkey is offline for a little bit. I’m doing some back end work that is too much of a hassle to handle with the site live. Since I’m out of stock on so much crap right now, I figured what better time to do it ;)

I’ll be back soon!