I’m a bad blogger. Big update, followed by more activity.


I’m a bad blogger. Things got a little nuts for a while with the new store, quitting my day job, and a number of other “life factors” both business and non business related… but I’m back and will be posting MUCH more frequently to the blog. I promise this time!
I’ll be putting up a number of posts today with updates on various things that have happened over the last 6 months or so, including new products, the FUFDA, the new store, and I’ll close out with some “What’s coming down the pipe”. Stay tuned, and sorry for the spammy nature of all the posts that’ll be going up today, there’s a lot to catch up on and I’d rather break it up into multiple posts than put up one HUGE one you’d fall asleep in the middle of and possibly miss the part that you actually care about.


Ursimian LLC, now the proud distributor of Loki Lab products.

Howdy, folks!


I’m proud to announce that Ursimian has picked up the Loki Lab brand. We will be acting as the official wholesale distributor for all current and future Loki Lab products. If you’re unfamiliar with Loki Lab, check out their website at http://lokilab.com. Hint: They made the Omega that’s been cloned all to hell now!

This comes at just the right time, they’ve cranked out a new, exciting dripping atomizer. The Odin. This is an awesome little piece of kit, all made right here in the USA and will retail at ~$65. Dual coil capable, built in AFC, Peek insulators… stay tuned for more detail.
If you’re a store owner and interested in Loki Lab products or any other Ursimian wholesale opportunities, you can email to monkey@ursimian.com.
Ursimian also offers the Grizzly Vapes juice line, custom juice development, pre-processed wick and wire, and more exciting products are coming to our portfolio every day!

Are you a manufacturer who would rather spend your time ‘making’ things instead of trying to run the retail or wholesale side? Contact us, we’d love to handle your distribution as well!



Introducing Flavor of The Month discounts (FOTM Coupon).

As of May, I’m starting a Flavor of The Month coupon. Each month I’ll be highlighting a specific flavor from the Grizzly Vapes line or a “special guest” juice I pick up from another juice crafter. During that juices month you can put in FOTM in the coupon code and it’ll give ya 10% off that juice.

This month… Nanner Bear! (surprise)

The juice that started it all. This is the original.

A year ago I ran into this big bearded dude at a convention in Tampa who introduced himself as “lolerwaffles”. After a confused moment, I remembered having some discussions about steeping and juice quality with the guy on Reddit. We hung out a bit and chit chatted there in the bay. Good times were had by all.
After I got home, I got a package from him, some cobalt blue dropper bottles with “Nannerbear” on the side. I didn’t think anything of it, I get stuff like this pretty often.
The juice got set aside while I was dealing with some other stuff. I’d tried the juice but it was in passing and in an atomizer I hadn’t really cleaned out right so it just tasted blended with whatever I’d had in there. A little while after I got the package my phone rang… it was my bearded buddy from Tampa. While on the phone I hooked it up with a proper clean set up and tried it. I like to tell people my reaction was confusion followed by amazement. The first hit raised an eyebrow… I didn’t know wtf I was tasting. There was some banana in there obviously and something… cooling, not menthol, not “mint” just… cool. There were a bunch of different things all going on, not in conflict with each other but in this weird dance of flavors and sensations, it was hard to explain. I took another hit and both eyebrows went up. This stuff was GOOD. So I told him I’d buy every bottle he had made, throw it up in Monkey Labs. If it sold and got decent reviews, I’d buy a batch from him and it’d become a permanent juice in my line up.
1 year later, Lolerwaffles and I have spun up an entirely new company called Ursimian LLC specifically for wholesale and juice manufacture, we have 3 bears, another premium line in the works, and an entire “Simple” line. We’re carried in multiple stores around the US and EU, we’re opening a store/processing facility, and we’re working up a whole new line of hardware. On top of all of that… I’m still freakin vaping Nannerbear. I can’t put the stuff down!

I guess what I’m sayin is… this juice is so damn good, it started a company, moved a family half way across the country, and most importantly, made me a friend and business partner. <3
If you haven’t had it, now’s the time. If you have and love it, now’s the time to stock up!


FDA proposal posted: CASAA, Vapers, Vendors… time to act.

Do not waste time.

The FDA released their proposal for regulation today and it’s… long. It’s not as bad as it could have been, but it does have a lot of language in it that can be construed as very scary in the long term. It’s not the end of vaping as we know it or anything like that, but the foundational nature of some of these proposals can put quite a bit of power into the FDAs hands with a lot of blanket regulations that will create a very hostile environment for innovation and development or just continuing our business.

Some of these proposals are excellent. Federal rulings on age restriction means individual states are less likely to create their own regulations, driven by “Won’t some one think of the children” but used to sneak other rules into play.

What we, the vaping community need to do is respond. That is what this is about, they spell out methods of reply in the document (linked below) and I think it is imperative that we all do so. More than anything, vendors and manufacturers need to be responding and above that, CASAA and our other organizations need to put together a VERY thorough response, post it publicly and allow the consumers and vendors to use it as a reference document in our communications and feedback to the FDA. I would recommend that get done within a week.

Important notes from the current proposal that you need to think about.

1. “accessories” vs “tobacco products”. Currently, as it’s stated, not just the juice, but also anything used in the consumption of the “tobacco product” is set to be regulated by the FDA. This may or may not include essentially ‘anything’ we have outside of carrying cases and stands. Because of the wording, there are grounds to consider mods, PVs, batteries (marketed for vaporizers), atomizers, RDAs, RBAs, cartomizers, Kanthal, wicking material, even drip tips, all part of the body of product that they have the right to regulate. This means, if you develop a new mechanical mod or RBA, it may have to go through the full approval process just like a pack of cigarettes.

my personal thoughts on this one: Juice should be regulated. Prebuilt or self contained atomizers (i.e. the coil and wick material are already assembled, think cartos, evod replacement heads, etc) should be regulated. “DIY” atomizers should NOT be regulated. This includes RBAs, RTAs, etc. The “tank” of a clearomizer or carto tanks should not be included. Power supplies (i.e. mods, pvs, mechs, whatever you want to call them) should not be regulated. My reasoning for the parts that SHOULD be regulated is that those have the greatest potential for negative health impact if processed, assembled, or otherwise handled improperly during manufacture and development. The other products have a much lower potential impact on the users health and by over regulating them we will stifle innovation and grind the current explosion of development in the community to a halt.

2. The document is obviously based on “Cigarette” style E-cigarettes. I believe this has caused a lot of ambiguity and odd wording that can potentially screw those of us that are using more advanced product. “cartridge” as a term isn’t really a commonplace thing in the vaping world, is a clearomizer a cartridge or just the head? Is an RBA a cartridge? Is a bundle of wick material considered a tobacco product now?… We need to more clearly define categories of the various parts of our devices and express to them that they are being extremely limiting in scope with their definitions.

3. Even “products containing 0 nicotine” can be considered tobacco products and could require labeling saying “derived from tobacco” etc. This means, even if you pull back to 0 nic and want to vape still, it’s possible that the devices you’d use for it will be regulated and restricted and sold as tobacco products. If the device has a battery, metal tube, some stainless mesh, kanthal wire, and a liquid comprised of the same ingredients you might find in a bottle of juice in the cooler section of the gas station, it should NOT be considered a tobacco product. This all pans back to the definitions of accessories and tobacco products. I can’t emphasize this enough.

4. Flavors: They are setting the ground work to eliminate flavors. The argument has been put out there a million ways, I don’t think I need to expand on that more.

5. “Quitting” in multiple places in this document they say that there is no proof that people have quit smoking or that vaping is an effective method of quitting smoking. I believe they are basing this on the concept of using vaping as a cessation device with the intent of completely quitting NICOTINE not just “Smoking” or tobacco use. Nicotine does NOT equal tobacco. The goal of (I believe) most vapers, is to switch to vaping instead of simply quitting all together. If you write, you should make a note of the last time you used a combustable tobacco product and highlight any health improvements you’ve experienced since switching. They need to be made aware that vaping isn’t being used by the majority of people like a patch or pack of nicotine gum. yes, some people are doing that, but most of us are just trying to reduce our dependance and reduce the negative health impacts our addiction has. They openly admit that the toxins found in vapor are dramatically lower than in traditional tobacco. That should be an endorsement of Vaping as a harm reduction practice and they should stop focusing on vaping as a potential cessation practice.

Those are my primary highlights. Here’s the link to the actual proposal.


Go, read, reply. Stand up for what you believe it. give them the appropriate information. And CASAA et al, help us… translate this stuff for the masses in language they understand. I’ll be posting breakdowns of various bits and pieces as I have time but I’m also going to be drafting my own responses to the FDA from my own position as a vendor, manufacturer, and product developer. THIS is the time to act, don’t just complain on the internets to each other, take that energy and let the FDA know how you feel and how you believe it should be.

Aero Tank bases.

Just a quicky, I just added Aerotank bases to the site. get that AFC on your Protank 2, Protank 3, or use it as a super tiny, unstable coaster for pretentious little drinks.

Probably shouldn’t do that last one.

Hcigar Nemesis clones (sorry!) and a wick and wire price cut/refresh.

Howdy, Monkeys!

Big update today. I’ll get the links out of the way for the impatient. I’ve completely changed my Kanthal offerings and dramatically lowered the price per foot, I’ve dropped the price on Ekowool, and I’ve added the HCigar Nemesis Clone in Copper, Steel, and special 2 tone Copper/Steel versions. All come with a free set of Magnets for the switch upgrade.

Ok, now for the details.

First, a word on clones. I don’t really like them. However, I’m a store owner and I’ve always said that I would provide what I consider to be the best option at various price points so that ‘all’ vapers, regardless of budget, could get the best equipment possible. At the moment, the best “inexpensive” mechanicals on the market right now are all clones. The Nemesis clone from Hcigar was my choice. These have no logos or serial numbers on them. They are not pretending. They are clones though and part of me still hates listing them, but like I said, I have to offer what I consider to be the best options to you guys and for those hunting a good quality, budget mechanical, this is one of the best options out there.

Now, onto the device. I’ve got 4 total ‘looks’ going on. The Steel, the Copper, and 2 combination 2 tones. With the 2 tones, I’ve taken the AFC, Beauty, and Locking rings and swapped them. The 510 head itself matches the body, but the AFC ring has been changed to give two different copper/steel two tone devices. I also have the complete Steel and Copper versions available as well. All of these will ship with 2 magnets in the box for doing the switch upgrade. They are direct from Hcigar, who, as far as clone shops go, I trust more than most to put out a quality product.

In addition to my clone launch, I’ve also made some changes to wick and wire. The big one is my Kanthal. All my Kanthal A1 is now offered in 30ft lengths just like before, but instead of 1 30ft piece wrapped up on a bobbin, I’ve cut it down into 1ft lengths and packaged it folded in a 6inch tube. The “useability” of this new set up is amazing. you can pull a pre-cut wire out and start a coil on one end, cut and put the rest in the tube without having to worry about a “spoolsplosion” that we’ve all experienced at least once. If you need to do a twisted wire coil, just pull out the whole 1ft piece, grab the bend and twist away. If you know you only need ~6″ to make your coil, snip it at the bend and pull out a single 6inch length. It’s easy, stores well, and more importantly than all of that… my new process is CHEAP.

Previously Kanthal was ~8.50$ per 30ft on SteamMonkey. Now my prices are MUCH lower. 32 and 30awg are 3$ per 30ft, 28awg is 4$, and I’ll be adding 26 and 24awg soon (price TBD, but I’m anticipating 5$ per 30ft).

I’ve also dropped the prices on my Ekowool across the board. I still have 2mm hollow, 3mm hollow, and 3mm solid core with prices of $3.50, $4, and $5 respectively.

Also, in light of the Nemesis launch, I’ve got the RSST and the Smok Magneto on DEEP discount to clear the shelves.

All that and more at http://steammonkey.com


AW batteries and Vapersapien kit refresh!

Howdy, Monkeys!

Been a while, things are nutso up here in monkey land. But, I’ve just added some new stuff recently so I figured I’d pop over here and give everyone an update.

The Silverback Kit: Im constantly trying to provide the best options for vapers at all levels and as such, I’ve brought in a lower cost Variable Wattage device that’s a little more pocket friendly than the MVP. The iTaste VV V3. The new Silverback kit includes the VV V3 with it’s charging cable, a Mini Protank 2 +2 spare 1.8 coils, and my own little toss in, the 306 debridged dripping atomizer for juice taste testing.

The Gibbon Kit hasn’t changed recently, an MVP2 + mini Protank 2, but I did recently add some wardrobe for it. I’ve got a variety of american made MVP2 skins. Carbon fiber in a variety of colors, a custom SteamMonkey wrap, a custom Grizzly Vapes wrap, and a few more styles!

I’ve also added a full line of AW IMR batteries. Nipple top 18350, 18490, and the 1600mAh 18650s. All high drain, all recommended for Z2/Link product. These are the gold standard for batteries in both the flashlight and vaping enthusiast markets.

Aside from that, I’ve also listed up some ‘parts’ for those that want spare bits for their devices. I’ve got Kangers 510 chargers, the Evod VV 1000mAh batteries, and the VV V3 solo style.

And of course the Chimp Kit (Evod VV + Mini Protank 2 + dripper) and Spidermonkey (Evod 650mAh + Evod for 15$!) are still around and kickin!

The previous iterations of the Silverback kit included 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers. With this new set up, I highly recommend picking up a spare battery or an entirely second kit so that you’ve got a spare/back up device. The main reason for the change is so that I can provide more flexibility at multiple budget levels. By offering up single battery kits with spare batteries available, people can pick and choose what all they want with only the bare essentials being included in the actual kit itself.

Follow the links above, or head over to http://steammonkey.com and browse away.