RSST price reduced, back in stock. Change to Monkey Cans.

Howdy Monkeys,


I’ve restocked the RSST and dropped the price. I’ve also changed how I’m listing my RBAs. It’s come to my attention that a lot of folks don’t really care about the can, experienced users, etc. So, I’m now offering my RBAs at a slightly reduced price and offering the Monkey Can as an optional accessory if you’re a first time RBA user or just want a sampler with your device.

The Monkey Can is my Sampler pack of all the wick and wire I offer in the store. Within this lovely little hand assembled tube you’ll find:

1x 2×4″ piece of 400×400 stainless steel mesh.
1x 2×4″ piece of 500×500 stainless steel mesh.
1x 6″ length of Kanthal A1, 28AWG
1x 6″ length of Kanthal A1, 30AWG
1x 6″ length of Kanthal A1, 32AWG
1x 6″ length of Ekowool, high quality amorphous silica wicking material.

This is enough to build a few coils in multiple configurations. A great way to test out the different wick and wire options I have to offer so you know what to come back and stock up on.


Grab one now at