How to keep up with the Monkey.

Ahoy! (in a pirate mood today).


If you want to keep up with the monkey and his various news (and trust me, the last half of the year is gonna be chock full of it) you might wanna add me on various social networks.

You can use the little links on the side of my blog or… find me at any of the following locations.

ECF or the E-Cigarette-Forum, one of, if not THE, largest E-cig forums on the web. It’s been around a long time and has a metric TON of information on it. I can be found there as Lance_Wallen. Click through my name to hit my profile and you can find my latest posts, subscribe to em for updates!

Facebook under SteamMonkeyVapes or my personal account Lance Wallen.

Twitter @SteamMonkey

I’m quite active on Reddit in /r/ecr and on my own sub /r/steammonkey which is where most of my Monkey University posts originate (new one coming soon!)

I’m always logged into IRC, either the ECF IRC (you can find it on the ECF home page) or on Freenode in ##vapers or #steammonkey

or you can just book mark the blog or add it to your RSS feed. When I do a major update, I update everything. I monitor them all daily. If you have questions for me, you can hit me on any of those outlets and I’ll usually answer within 24 hours.


If you’re interested in the Link Z2 system, my restock notifications, or just want to keep in touch, hit me up on any of those networks! Remember, to like, share, and retweet at will, I’ve got Zero marketing budget so you guys ARE my marketing department.


and with that, I leave you with a cute monkey picture!