Ekowool/Kanthal restock and a KTS/CCTS Sale.

Gonna be a weird week… I’m going to be staggering my restock of Ekowool as I figure out a more effective method of processing 1kilometer of the stuff ;)


I just put up 200 pieces of Ekowool, don’t fret, if it sells out fast more will be going up later in the week.

I just put up the last of the 3ft sections of Kanthal wire. Once this round sells out I will be moving to 10ft or 12ft sections. The price per foot will stay the same, I’m just increasing the MOQ so to speak.

I’m going to be floating restocks on some of my backstock items all week so if you haven’t signed up for email notifications on items you’re wanting that I’m out of stock on, might want to do that, I might be putting 1 or 10 of something back in stock randomly as I clean up the store room.

Also… I’m dropping the price on the KTS/CCTS for a limited time to 30 dollars. Enjoy!