Rebuilding a better tomorrow, RBA supplies at SteamMonkey.

There’s been a lot of posting about our Catalyst, kit updates, and our juice refresh but I wanted to remind folks about one section of the store that I take personal pride in, our rebuildable supplies.

I started selling Kanthal and Stainless Steel Mesh shortly after I opened up the SteamMonkey online store. Since then, I’ve been refining my offerings, I’ve changed packaging multiple times, processing methods, etc. I’m always picking up new stuff and in the next few months I’ll be releasing some custom wire products that we make in house… and I promise, no secrets about what the wire is made of ;) That said, we have a wide selection of rebuildable supplies already, as well as some fun tools.

Kanthal A1: Only A1. I am very picky with my source that I get Kanthal A1 for a variety of reasons, chief among them, the fact that it’s the most consistent alloy for our uses. Spools, bobbins, cards, etc, all annoyed me. I’ve tried them all, I finally found a packaging method that makes me happy. I cut the Kanthal into 1ft lengths and package it folded over, in a 6inch plastic tube with hard caps. This makes pulling out a wire to make a coil easy and gives you a place to put the left over length for future use. It’s easy, no tangles, no rats nests, and provides an easy storage for clipped parts so you don’t have to work live from a spool or waste a bunch by throwing away that long end you left. We offer it in 32, 30, 28, 26, and 24awg. I’ll be adding heavier gauges in the future.

Wick Materials: We have 400×400 and 500×500 SS mesh. 316L Stainless mesh that comes in a 6inch by 12inch sheet. We also carry Ekowool in 2mm hollow, 3mm hollow, and 3mm solid. The 3mm Solid is excellent for super high heat builds. It holds a good amount of juice and won’t self destruct when it gets hot. The 3mm and 2mm hollow make excellent sleeves for mesh, cable, etc. And last but not least, we carry Organic Japanese Cotton. I don’t call it anything fancy, but it’s the cotton you know and love. 10 squares per package. This is my personal favorite wicking material at the moment.

Tools: We’ve got the EC Supply Ceramic Coil kit, this comes with ceramic rods in various diameters to build coils on and ceramic tipped tweezers. The benefit of building on ceramic is you can fire the coil ON the rod without shorting it out. We’ve all fused a coil to our screwdriver once or twice by now, this eliminates that. The Ceramic tweezers let you pinch down and adjust those micro/contact coils while firing without fear of shorting em out as well. I’ll also be adding the Coil Smarter coiling jig soon. This is the coil jig where you stick the wire up through the bottom then turn a small cap to wrap the perfect coil. It comes with multiple diameter rods for building different types of coils and can even do parallels. It’s a great little tool and I use one personally just about everytime I build.

More supplies are coming soon, advanced wire, alternative wicking options, and more tools to make your rebuilding easier than ever. Everything we sell fills a need and has attention given to not only it’s function, but it’s packaging, to make your life easier so you can spend more time vaping and less time messing around with stuff.

If you need something to build ON or are looking to get started, we currently have a number of chinese RBAs on sale for 5$. The Igo-W3, Igo-W6, and RSST. If you’re looking for a little more advanced, we have the In’Ax 16mm in limited quantities still and will have a few new high end atomizers coming in SOON.

Go forth and vape great things!