Grizzly Vapes E-liquids Profiled by a Food Snob. (The Bears)

Ok, nothing I say can make this NOT a marketing post, but… I thought it was time to really break down my own personal take on the various flavors we make. There are some I personally enjoy quite a bit and some I’m not a fan of. What I’ll be doing below is describing the juice as best I can without letting my personal ‘taste’ get in the way. I’m a bit of a foodie so nuance of flavor and subtle notes are the type of thing I like to pontificate on. I hope this is helpful to at lease some folks who take their juice flavor profiles seriously.

That said, all people taste things differently. The snozzberries do not always taste like snozzberries. Folks own personal chemistry will impact what notes work, what notes don’t, and can even change the perceived flavor into something completely different. Think about brussels sprouts, some folks love em, other people can’t imagine why. There’s a reason. Brussels Sprouts have a certain chemical in them that tastes bitter to people with a certain variation of a certain gene… to the rest of us, they taste completely different and without the bitter, nasty taste, that some folks pick up from them. Knowing that is a huge help when it comes to picking out flavors and identifying the things you like. When some one tastes nannerbear and tells me they taste butter (rare, but it happens), I know what sort of chemistry I’m working with now… 9 times out of 10, if that person tastes butter in Nannerbear, they’ll probably love Sunrise and Front Porch. Knowing your own personal palette will help you navigate the myriad of flavor profiles out there and not waste much time on juices that include notes you know you’re going to dislike.

And with that nonsense out of the way… on to the flavors.


The Bears: All ~80% VG, 20% PG. I personally vape at 6mg, but they’re available in 0, 3, 6, 12, and 18.

The original flavor from Grizzly Vapes. It’s a complex blend of banana, coconut, tobacco, and a unique minty ‘finish’. The complexity of the juice makes describing it hard. Different people taste different notes as the dominant flavor when they first start vaping it, what you’ve eaten or drank recently will impact it, the last flavor you were vaping will impact it, the wattage you’re vaping at will impact it. I personally pick up the banana and tobacco early on with the banana slowing fading into the background and the rich herbal notes, minty finish, and coconut starting to creep out during midday. By the end of the day the banana makes a come back but the tobacco has faded and I’m tasting mostly banana and coconut with a hint of the herbal tones and the minty finish has turned into just a sensation on the exhale. The tobacco is not like most tobacco vapes you’ll find. It’s not the dominant flavor for most people, but it IS present. The tobacco has a dark herbal type of flavor, almost like a Tea blend. When combined with the cool finish from the secret ingredient, it has a very soothing effect. When you crank up the wattage on this one it universally amplifies all of the flavors. The banana gets a little deeper, the tobacco a little darker, the coconut has more of an aftertaste and “breath” to it and the sweetness is fortified but never becomes cloying. Ultimately, this is the juice that started a company for a reason, it’s deep and keeps changing and evolving with you during the day.


The Minty version of Nanner. All of the Nannerbear flavors are still here but it’s got a potent and sweet mint blend added to it. There is a definite “menthol” note but it’s not the dominant cooling factor. It has more of a sweet mint flavor layered on top of the NB with a slight mentholated finish hiding underneath the sweet minty tones. Mostly to bolster the mint and give it that true chilling effect that only menthol can have on the soft palette. The Banana and Coconut plate very nicely with the minty blend. The tropical flavors with the sweet mint are ridiculously addictive and the chill factor is high without the medicinal taste you get from some powerful mentholated juices. The tobacco plays a smaller role to me in this bear than the other two, the dark, rich tobacco is present but always seems to be a note and not a dominant flavor, the herbal notes do come through but are also always just notes behind the other flavors fighting for dominance. The daily dynamic for me starts out with a strong coconut and mint with the tobacco and herbal notes underpinning in the morning, by midday the banana has stepped up and the coconut has faded back. The mint gets sweeter during the day and I taste less and less of the actual menthol (which I actually appreciate in the morning). By the end of the day it’s got a well blended balance between the darker notes, the sweet mints, the banana and the coconut which finishes the day off very nicely.


Nannerbear as a base again, but this time with Walter’s chocolate blend. Chocolate is a hard thing to make into a good vape and I consider Walter’s mix to be one of the best chocolate bases I’ve had, it’s used in a few of our flavors (below). The nannerbear is more dominant in this one than in Polar, but the chocolate and vanilla liqueur flavors bring a bit more sweetness and a dark rich flavor. It’s more “cocoa” than “melt in your mouth” chocolate. Like a chocolate flavored tea or coffee without a lot of heavy creaminess. The aftertaste and breath on this one lingers in a pleasant way and the slight cooling factor from Nannerbear is still there and just adds the right amount of palette cleansing to keep the flavor interesting. Like Nannerbear, throughout the day this one will evolve. My personal path is the chocolate and banana take center stage early on. About midday, the tobacco and coconut come up and the banana fades back, the chocolate is still present but not as dominant, it just blends in with the tobacco and coconut to make a really well meshed, dark, and rich flavor. The minty note tends to always be an aftertaste and ‘feeling’ when I’m vaping kokobear as opposed to a dominant note like it is in Nannerbear. At the end of the day the banana always makes a comeback and the tobacco falls to the rear so it tastes a lot more like Nannerbear with a chocolate punch on the inhale and a bit of vanilla and cocoa on the exhale.

That’s it for the bears: I’ll be posting again tomorrow morning to cover the Country Day line and will follow that with the Clouds, and finally run through all of the Simples in a 4th post, so Stay Tuned!