What happens when you put a bear inside a unicorn?

So, the sale is over and I alluded to a bit of a shake up on the juice line. We’ve decided to go back to our roots. Back to the place where we chose function over form, value and quality over bling and trend chasing. We’ve completely revamped our packaging for all of the Grizzly Vapes liquids as a few other changes.

The first change was dropping our new “ultra premium” line back down to premium. The soup cans and what not were fun, but it just isn’t our style. The Clouds are now priced and packaged exactly like the Bears and Country Day lines.

Second, we’ve made some changes to the Simple line. We’ll be calling them by their flavor name now instead of the Number we used before. I.e. Simple 1 is now Simple Tobacco. The juice itself hasn’t changed, it’s still the same quality ingredients and “no steep needed” mixing process that we use on all of the Grizzly Vapes lines. We are also offering the Simple juices in 120ml Sizes now AND in 3mg nicotine strength!

And last but definitely not least… we’ve completely changed our packaging… well, one part stayed the same! All Grizzly Vapes E-liquid will be shipped in 30ml Unicorn Bottles. The LDPE bottles we’ve used since the beginning are quite loved by our most loyal fans and when we’ve discussed changing packaging in the past they have threatened crucifixion… however, I think we’ve managed to make the change in a way that will keep all you guys happy. The new Unicorn Bottles we are using have the same nipple and top cap as our old 30ml bottles. The long spout that makes it so easy to fill up tanks, drip, etc. The Unicorn bottles are so much easier to pocket, they fit in anything that a standard 22mm mod will fit in, and they are just a dream when it comes to filling up clearomizers because of the narrow shoulder making it easier to stick the bottle down into the tank to avoid squirting juice down the air tube.

To celebrate our new packaging, we’re giving away a BLOCK of the Bears. Our new storage racks (Seen below) hold exactly 25 bottles. Oddly enough, we have exactly 24 flavors and 1 in beta right now. So, we’re going to give away one of our in house 3d printed storage blocks with 1 of every flavor + a bottle of our new Beta juice in whatever nicotine strength the winner chooses.

To enter the contest, all you have to do is take the picture below and post it on a social network that we frequent, in that post, tag or  @ my username so it notifies me and that will count as your entry. You get 1 entry per social network listed below, so you can post it in multiple places.
Facebook: Tag Lance Wallen and #SteamMonkey #GrizzlyVapes
Twitter: @steammonkey @grizzlyvapes
Instagram: @SteamMonkey @GrizzlyVapes

I’ll choose the winner on Saturday night and announce it here on the blog which will automatically share to facebook and twitter.

Special note: The Clouds will still ship in their Cans until we run out of canned juice, after that they’ll be switched over to the Unicorn bottles. So, you still get fancy packaging… for now.