Juice sale and re-classification of the Decodence line.

We’re getting back to our roots and dropping some of the pretense we picked up recently. The Decodence line just doesn’t jive with us, we’ve always been about offering the best product for the best price and not trying to “keep up with the Joneses” so to speak. As such, the Decodence line is being rolled into the normal Grizzly Vapes premiums and will be priced at 15$ just like our other premium flavors. We’ll be dropping the fancy packaging and moving to the same bottles we package all the Grizzly Vapes juice in. We’ve got a number of other big developments coming on the juice side of things very soon so stay tuned… but about that sale…


All Grizzly Vapes premiums are on sale for 12$, normally 15$ (that includes the reclassified Decodence juices) 30ml bottles.

All Grizzly Vapes Simples are on sale for 6$, normally 8$. That’s for 30ml!

The Decodence stuff will still ship in the can with the glass bottle while current stock lasts, but we’ll be switching them over as soon as the current shelf stock runs out.

So swing by SteamMonkey.com and snatch some juice while it lasts. The sale will run until Walter cries uncle or we run out of bottles :)