Catalyst Exotics live, and a brief video.



I just added a small batch of Catalysts to the store along with the Exotic color options. We’ll be putting some spare doors up in stock in the next week or so for those of you who want to have a spare or change out colors on the door. Full DIY kits and full spare parts will be up by the end of April. I also put together a quick video on the box, you can watch it below or see it on the Catalyst item listing over at

We’re working to get these out there faster and in larger quantities so if you miss your chance, don’t worry, we’ll have more soon! The next big ramp up in production is already underway so we’re starting to take wholesale orders now as well. There are some additional options available to wholesale customers to customize the box for your shop so if you’re a shop owner and interested in carrying a home grown, US made mechanical box with a bevy of different colors and options, shoot me an email or contact me via the Contact Us page on!