Catalyst limited launch: Thursday 3-26-2015 at 5pm CDT.

Today at 5pm I’ll be posting an item listing on for the Catalyst. The way this will work is there are going to be 10 units “in stock”, we will doing full customization on these. You can pick the spacer style (open or closed), the battery size (350 or 650), and the color of the spacer, body, and door. We will ship within a week of your order.

Once these 10 are gone, we’ll be putting them together and I’ll put another list up.

The initial colors will be or ‘stock’ colors. In the not too distant future, we will be offering exotic colors/types of plastic. Things like glow in the dark, temperature sensitive color change material, 3d printed “wood”, “stone”, and “metal”. These will be limited quantities and a separate item listing, you’ll be able to go to the exotics item listing and choose that special option along with the standard stock colors. These will be hit and miss as the filament isn’t always readily available and some of them are sort of a pain in the ass to produce so we can’t make a lot of them, quickly. Think of it as a flavor of the week/month/whatever time frame SteamMonkey manages to pull out of his ass ;) There will be no rhyme or reason to the order in which they get posted, when one particular one returns or if it even does. It all depends on what we’re feeling at the time and how much you guys request specific exotics after we start releasing them.

But… if you don’t care about the exotics and just want to get your hands on one of this years already hottest little boxes, tonight’s your chance. Like I said earlier, there will be 10 available slots going live at 5pm. I will get another set ready as soon as possible after that!
We are ramping up full production on these and offering them in wholesale, so expect to see the availability get at least a little better in the very near future. That said, this is a completely made in the USA device, all of the main parts are designed in house and we actually print every plastic part (except the delrin chunk in the very middle) in house. We are ramping it up as fast as possible but quality control and giving personal attention to each and every new owner of the Catalyst is paramount to us. This device is the first step in a much larger plan for modular, expandable, and customizable personal vaporizers, it’s named the Catalyst for a reason :)

Below you’ll see some new shots depicting various options and configurations, as well as all of the “stock” colors we’ll be offering. Tiffany Blue might end up on the Exotic list so… if you’re really into that one, better try to get em now before they get bumped over to exotic.




Bottom Left: Catalyst (18650), Open spacer. Bottom Right: Catalyst (18650), Close Spacer, multi colored. Top: Catalyst Mini (18350) Closed spacer.


Color options Left to Right: Red, Black, Green, Blue, Orange, Tiffany Blue, Pink.