The Catalyst Box by SteamMonkey: Preview.

You’ve probably seen it sneaking around on instagram and facebook… tiny little 3d printed box, rumors of color change and glowing cases…

Well, here’s a bit of a teaser.

The Catalyst is based on a modular framework that we designed specifically for mechanical boxes. The “skeleton” of the mod can be arranged for multiple form factors. Initial launch will be parallel mechanical.

The box will be initially released in 18350 and 18650 sizes. We will offer 18490 in limited runs and for special order to wholesale accounts.

The skeleton itself is comprisef of stainless steel, brass, and copper. The negative battery contacts are silver plated Beryllium Copper springs, connected to the stainless steel base plate with brass screws. The “case ground” is handled by brass rods running from the base plate up to the top plate. The positive battery contacts are machined solid copper plates with large surface area contact, the switch itself is a 6mm copper rod that connects both of the heavy copper plates to complete the circuit. This switch can handle more than our batteries can provide. The 510 connector is a Fat Daddy V4. All connections are purely mechanical, there isn’t a single dab of solder in the entire device.

The skeleton on it’s own is a functional mod… sort of. The batteries would be naked, and while naked is fun, it can also be dangerous. So we make it some clothes, in house, with our 3d Printers. This means there can possibly be some artifacts from the 3d printing process, the cases are not perfectly smooth. Personally, I prefer the texture of a 3d printed box. All of them are being made with ABS. The 3d printing process does, however, offer us a lot of flexibility in design. We are going to be offering full customization in color choice right from the beginning. In the pictures below you’ll see colored parts, the “spacer” which goes between the top plate and the black delrin piece that holds the contacts and switch body, the main body, and the door. Spacers come in 2 varieties, open and closed. Open spacers expose the switch column and 510 head inside the device which gives it a great industrial look. Closed spacers are solid and hide all the inner workings. When you place an order, you’ll be able to select the color and style of the spacer, the color of the body, and the color of the door. We currently have 10 materials available, not all will be available all the time. There will be ‘stock’ color options and some special run colors that we’ll make available in small batches once every couple of weeks.

Stock colors include: Red, Blue, Black, Natural (sort of off white), Green, Tiffany Blue, Pink, and Orange.

Special run colors include: Color change Purple to Pink, Color change Gray to White, Color Change Green to Yellow, and Glow in the dark (green glow, white appearance in the light).

We will be offering some random ‘special’ cases when we have time to print fun stuff. We will also be releasing other form factors and options as things progress.

The Catalyst is the 18650 parallel mechanical version. With Samsung 25R batteries, you’re looking at upwards of 50amp and 5000mAh.
The Catalyst Mini is the 18350 parallel mechanical version. With our Tensai 18350 batteries (14amp each) you’re looking at 28amp and 1400mAh. That’s down to a .2ohm build on a seriously tiny box.

These will be available for retail on “soon”. If you’re a shop owner or a wholesale distributor and are interested in these products, shoot me an email and we’ll discuss. These will be widely available for wholesale and we are seeking distribution from an established wholesale distributor. Previously we handled all our own wholesale but at this point in the companies development, my time is better suited to design and manufacture than wholesale logistics.

Not all colors are represented below. Stay tuned for some more glamour shots next week. (FYI: these are early production cases, not “final” product.)

Stock colors (minus Orange and Pink)
Open Spacer style.
Closed Spacer style.