Living with the Kanger Subtank, 1 week in.

So, I listed the Kanger Subtank Mini and Subtank Nano last week. I normally do some exhaustive testing of a product before I put it up on the site but this time I just listed porksodaem as soon as they came in. Primarily because I had plenty of demand and a lot of good info from trusted sources, so I felt comfortable just slapping them up. BUT.. I still had to do my own personal testing.

Over the last week, I’ve used the Subtank Mini exclusively. Aside from 1 or 2 bouts of “play vaping” with one of my drippers, I haven’t consumed nicotine from any source other than the Subtank Mini (STM for the rest of this). I was using the Atlantis as my primary atomizer prior to this and was deeply in love with the thing. Now, I’m feeling polyamorous.

I do love the STM but for different reasons than the Atlantis. Performance wise, they’re virtually identical when using the .5ohm replaceable coils. I find the taste, vapor production, airflow, etc, all to be so similar that if i had my eyes closed I probably couldn’t tell you which one I was vaping on. One of the major differences is the cotton wicks in the Kangers. I’m not going to say they’re better… but they are different. Initial flavor is… well, it’s a fresh cotton build and that come with certain types of taste that just don’t happen on silica/synthetics like in the Aspire. The first tank full on an Atlantis is more pleasant to me than on a SMT… however, the second tank and beyond had an ever so slightly more robust flavor than the Atlantis coils. I’ve run them on unregulated and regulated devices and while I did feel like the flavor was slightly better in the Kangers, it was only slightly better. After about 1 week, the Kanger coil started to get that standard funk you’d expect, the Atlantis coils tended to last longer before getting funky. The Atlantis coils still tasted great but they did have perhaps just a slightly muted flavor when compared to the Kangers. It’s a small enough difference that I’d put them as equals as far as overall flavor.

Vapor production, both of them are great. I don’t think I can pick a clear winner with the stock heads. The airflow is pretty much the same. I “feel” like the Atlantis has ‘thicker’ vapor but it’s probably in my head.

Build quality goes to the Atlantis in my opinion. With the metal being proud of the glass it feels safer, I personally like the look of it better, and with the metal sleeve replacement tank you can get for them, it’s sexy looking. The SMT feels more flimsy than the Atlantis, not quite as beefy but it also holds more juice which I really appreciate. Both fill up the same way, the SMT might get a small advantage there just because it’s got a bigger opening and it’s easier to jam a glass dropper or a big 120ml yorker spout in there to fill it up, which is what I use for most of my juice these days. Not that filling the Atlantis is hard… this is really splitting hairs.

One place the SMT takes the lead though for sure is value. You DO get the RBA head with it in the box and for some one who wants to start fiddling with RBAs or just wants a nice “kayfun” style RBA that doesn’t break the bank and isn’t a clone, it’s an amazing option. I’m not going to comment on the quality of vape with the RBA head yet as I just haven’t spent a lot of time with it. Reviews are pretty good so far though, so take that at face value.

Ultimately, both tanks are the bomb, the Nano is basically the Mini without the RBA option. It vapes identically and if you’ve got a device it looks good on, it’s a solid option. At the end of the day, I’m happy to have em in my rotation and I’m happy to have em in the store, they’re solid products that I can gladly say meet my standards for what I’m willing to sell.