Twotonian Parallel boxes. Power AND Longevity.

While I was online only, I never wanted to be ‘out of stock’ on anything. If a supplier couldn’t keep up with my stores demands, I simply found a product to fill that gap that could. What that ended up meaning is that I carried very few “unicorn” type devices. I never picked up high end gear that was list based or only run in limited numbers.

After I opened my B&M, I decided it was time to branch out a bit and start picking up some of the harder to get stuff that might not necessarily be “Always in stock”.

The piece I’m here to talk about today is one of my favorite personal devices, the Twotonian Parallel 18650 Box mod.
If you read my Monkey University on parallel vs series batteries, you’ll already know why this thing kicks some serious tail. With the power of 2 18650s in there you can run for a VERY long time without having to worry about your batteries dying or you can crank out some serious power. With 2 Samsung 25R’s in this box, its got 5000mAh and is capable of 40-50amp continuous discharge and bursts that will make a coil straight up cry tears of thick, billowy vapor.

My personal attachment to it is the longevity. Running a run of the mill .5ohm coil, I’ll go through a day and a half (20-25ml of eliquid) before I even notice a decrease in performance due to the batteries getting low. Slap em on the charger and they both read at 3.4-3.5v so they were never pushed too far. I’m hardly exercising the batteries power potential at all with a .5ohm coil so it’s just easy street.

Now, for playing around… I’ve run a .14ohm quad on it to have a little fun.

TwoTone Clouds
Don’t Cross The Streams!


Twotone Clouds
I’m a Dragon!


Twotone Clouds 3
Cloud on Clouds Action


After about 15 minutes of chain vaping and just playing around I felt a little warmth. It didn’t surprise me… initially. I took the lid off and checked the batteries, they were cool to the touch. The heat was from the scorching hot atomizer transferring heat to the body of the mod. The batteries weren’t even a little upset about what I was doing to them. Albeit, 0.14ohm isn’t exactly “Holy shit” low, but it’s not something you’d expect to vape on for that long without having to seriously evaluate your batteries and let them take a little break.


The Twotonian is custom made by an artist down in Florida. Usually only available via list on his site, I was able to get 10 of them in a batch for resale. Each one is unique and hand crafted. The main part of the body is made of Aluminum with the front and rear face being open. The faces are covered with magnetically attached panels. Some are wood, some are acrylics, and he’s messing around with a number of other materials, colors, etc. Inside, you’ve got a nice anti-vandal switch with a flush button, a Fat Daddy 510 with a spring loaded pin, and the key to it’s function and safety, a mosfet attached to the switch. MOSFETs are what make an off the shelf switch safe. Pushing high amps through a standard run of the mill push button is a recipe for disaster and I simply won’t touch a device that doesn’t have a MOSFET or an actual mechanical switch that’s robust enough to handle the current people are likely to push through them.

The craftsmanship is fantastic and the fact that you can get replacement panels to dress it up in different duds really appeals to my personal aesthetics.

I’ve still got some available on the site or in store if you swing by.