SXMini by Yihi now available.

If you know what the SXMini is and what it does, feel free to skip the rest of this and just head over HERE to pick one up or swing by the store if you’re in the area. If you don’t… read on, cause this is a fantastic device with a lot going on.

sxmini (1)

Yihi is a company in China that makes a lot of the chips you find in various variable wattage devices. The SX350, SX130, SX330, etc. Until now, they’ve never made an actual ‘device’. I believe they were waiting until they could do it right… and boy did they. The SXMini feels premium as soon as you open up the box. The build quality and craftsmanship are just fantastic. It’s unfortunate that we’re conditioned to automatically feel like if something came out of China that it’s going to be cheaply made and poorly crafted. There are plenty of cases where that is true, but Yihi has really raised the bar with this product.

The SXMini is powered by the SX350-Mini chipset. It’s capable of 60w on a single 18650 battery as long as it’s a good quality 18650 like our Samsung 25Rs. But more than that, it has a bevy of interesting and useful features. Aside from the normal stuff like Micro USB charging and the ability to step up, or down the voltage to provide a wide range of wattages regardless of atomizer resistance, it also comes with 5 memory settings for your various wattage level needs. You can set all 5 memory settings to different wattage levels and quickly switch between them depending on your taste. Beyond that is the new “modes” they’ve programmed into the chip. Soft, Standard, and Powerful.

The modes sounded silly to me at first, but once I started playing with the thing and swapping some atomizers around, I found that they really take the vaping experience to the next level. I don’t mean the next power level, I mean the next level of control and refinement.

Standard mode is what you’d expect, you set the device to 40w and it fires at 40w. It’s clean and consistent.

Soft Mode will start out below your defined wattage and then ramp up to the setting you have currently. This creates an interesting experience as the coil starts off a little cooler and heats up during your draw, the impact it has on flavor is pronounced. If you’re vaping a more complicated juice, like Black Cloud or NannerBear running in soft mode will bring out nuances of the flavor that you don’t normally pick up and the contour of temperature makes certain liquids really shine and take on a whole new level of complexity.

Powerful mode is also pretty nice, as you can probably guess, it starts out higher than your current defined setting then cools down to your setting. Where this really shines is surface area builds and heavy gauge wire builds. If you’ve got a coil set up that takes a little while to warm up, using powerful mode will jumpstart the coil to operating temperature and really give you that punch. This means you can use a thicker wire and build a higher resistance coil to get massive surface area on the heating element and kick it into life right from the start. After playing with it a bit myself, you can get some serious flavor production with this setting in a RBA.

Ultimately, I’m impressed with this product. You can click that link above for the full range of features on the product page. Needless to say, the thing is worth every penny. Yes, you can get a big clunky box that puts out more raw power, but the refined experience and build quality in this device is just a cut above any of the other variable devices coming out of China right now.