Super Simple Sampler Sale! And Decodence soft launch.

Howdy, All.

In honor of the final Simple juice hitting the shelves we’ve decided to do something silly… we’ve never offered sample packs and rather than doing some dinky 5ml sampler, we’ve decided to just offer up all 15 flavors in a Super Sampler for $45. Yes, 15x 30ml bottles, one of each Simple Flavor for $45, that’s 450ml of juice!

We’ve also started the soft launch of the Decodence line with Black Cloud, White Cloud, and Blue Cloud. Currently limited stock and only available in 6mg. We’ll be rolling more out as soon as possible as well as adding 0, 3, and 12mg strengths. This is a complicated juice and will only be produced in batches. Each Decodence juice comes packaged in a sealed can with the 30ml glass bottle and an additional 5ml LDPE Convenience bottle (5ml bottle is empty).

You can find the samplers and the Decodence line HERE,  or swing by the store and pick it up in person!