Ursimian LLC, now the proud distributor of Loki Lab products.

Howdy, folks!


I’m proud to announce that Ursimian has picked up the Loki Lab brand. We will be acting as the official wholesale distributor for all current and future Loki Lab products. If you’re unfamiliar with Loki Lab, check out their website at http://lokilab.com. Hint: They made the Omega that’s been cloned all to hell now!

This comes at just the right time, they’ve cranked out a new, exciting dripping atomizer. The Odin. This is an awesome little piece of kit, all made right here in the USA and will retail at ~$65. Dual coil capable, built in AFC, Peek insulators… stay tuned for more detail.
If you’re a store owner and interested in Loki Lab products or any other Ursimian wholesale opportunities, you can email to monkey@ursimian.com.
Ursimian also offers the Grizzly Vapes juice line, custom juice development, pre-processed wick and wire, and more exciting products are coming to our portfolio every day!

Are you a manufacturer who would rather spend your time ‘making’ things instead of trying to run the retail or wholesale side? Contact us, we’d love to handle your distribution as well!