Restock and some new items! 5-29-2013

Howdy Monkeys,


I’ll be restocking tonight at 6pm CST. We’ve got a bunch of old favorites coming back as well as some new and exciting items for the store. I’ll be posting some videos of new and old products along with the restock hopefully (if I get done in time!) and i”ll update this post with some pictures and video later. If you have any questions, concerns or comments, hit my subreddit at or any of the other social networks I frequent. Comments on the blog itself are not really monitored that closely.






Stainless Steel Mesh 400 and 500

Kanthal A1 28, 30, and 32awg

Various drip tips

AGR Carto tank

Carto Punch

Panasonic CGR18650CH batteries

Efest IMR 18500 and 18350s

Boge 3.0Ω cartomizers


New Items:

Boge 3.0XXL cartos (“long” carto, fits the dual coil carto tanks and other “XL” style cartos)

The SD-Can. An aluminum can with a juice bottle inside, a cap, and a built in blunt tip needle for refilling cartos, RBAs, etc. (Pics and video coming soon). This is NOT the UCan.

Ekowool silica wicking material: After a long search for the ‘best’ fibrous wick material I finally settled on Ekowool. It’s a high quality braided, amorphous, silica rope. It’s hollow and I’ll be carrying the “2mm” version, which is 2mm ID. In testing it works great with both dripper RBAs and genesis style RBAs. Never oxidize a wick again! Videos and pics coming soon.

Captivape DS60 drip tips. You know I love American made and I finally got some beautiful drip tips from Captivape to sell. I’ll be carrying the Blue, Black, and Natural DS60 aluminum drip tips (pics soon).


Changes to existing items:

I’ve updated the Igo-L Monkey Can. The Igo-L now comes with 1 piece of each wire I sell (28, 30, and 32) and ~6inches of Ekowool. I’ve removed the SS mesh from the can because… really, who builds with mesh in a dripper?

Kanthal A1 will be sold in either 10 or 12ft increments soon. The price will remain the same per foot but I’ll be selling it in larger bundles. This is the last batch of 3ft Kanthal pieces I’ll be selling. N0te: the price per foot is unlikely to change so theres no reason to ‘hold out’ here, I’m keeping the same price per foot just increasing the “MOQ” so to speak. This is in reaction to the amount of time I have to spend processing wires and wicks. I simply won’t be able to keep up with demand if I continue processing the way I am currently. Thanks for understanding!


Monkey Labs:

I’ll be adding some items to Monkey Labs tonight. As always, these are limited and one time. I’ll never be doing another ‘batch’ in these colors so if you see one you want… better jump on it.

Tuxedo Igo-L+CCTS = (bottom to top) chrome base plate, powder coated body, chrome switch, chrome extension tube/telescopic tube, powder coated “head” chrome Igo Deck, powder coated Igo cap.

Tuxedo Aga-T2+CCTS = same as the Igo-L combo but with the aga-T2 you get a chrome base, frosted pyrex tank, chrome deck, powder coated top cap

Solid color CCTSs come with a chrome bottom cap, chrome switch, and chrome telescopic tube. The extension ring is powder coated along with the head and body.


Starlight Blue Powder coated items:

1 “Tuxedo” CCTS+Igo-L combo.

1 Tuxedo CCTS+Aga-T2 combo.

1 Solid color CCTS

1 Igo-L

10x “bling rings” i.e. powder coated extension rings for the CCTS


Silver Vein Powder coated items:

1 Tuxedo CCTS+Igo-L Combo

1 Solid color CCTS

1 Igo-L

10x Bling Rings


Black Stardust Powder coated items:

1 Tuxedo CCTS+Igo-L

1 Tuxedo CCTS+Aga-T2

1 Solid color CCTS

1 Igo-L

10x Bling rings


Remember, all this goes live at 6pm CST. I’ll be updating with videos and pictures as I get them made, thanks and may your coils burn evenly!