Introducing Flavor of The Month discounts (FOTM Coupon).

As of May, I’m starting a Flavor of The Month coupon. Each month I’ll be highlighting a specific flavor from the Grizzly Vapes line or a “special guest” juice I pick up from another juice crafter. During that juices month you can put in FOTM in the coupon code and it’ll give ya 10% off that juice.

This month… Nanner Bear! (surprise)

The juice that started it all. This is the original.

A year ago I ran into this big bearded dude at a convention in Tampa who introduced himself as “lolerwaffles”. After a confused moment, I remembered having some discussions about steeping and juice quality with the guy on Reddit. We hung out a bit and chit chatted there in the bay. Good times were had by all.
After I got home, I got a package from him, some cobalt blue dropper bottles with “Nannerbear” on the side. I didn’t think anything of it, I get stuff like this pretty often.
The juice got set aside while I was dealing with some other stuff. I’d tried the juice but it was in passing and in an atomizer I hadn’t really cleaned out right so it just tasted blended with whatever I’d had in there. A little while after I got the package my phone rang… it was my bearded buddy from Tampa. While on the phone I hooked it up with a proper clean set up and tried it. I like to tell people my reaction was confusion followed by amazement. The first hit raised an eyebrow… I didn’t know wtf I was tasting. There was some banana in there obviously and something… cooling, not menthol, not “mint” just… cool. There were a bunch of different things all going on, not in conflict with each other but in this weird dance of flavors and sensations, it was hard to explain. I took another hit and both eyebrows went up. This stuff was GOOD. So I told him I’d buy every bottle he had made, throw it up in Monkey Labs. If it sold and got decent reviews, I’d buy a batch from him and it’d become a permanent juice in my line up.
1 year later, Lolerwaffles and I have spun up an entirely new company called Ursimian LLC specifically for wholesale and juice manufacture, we have 3 bears, another premium line in the works, and an entire “Simple” line. We’re carried in multiple stores around the US and EU, we’re opening a store/processing facility, and we’re working up a whole new line of hardware. On top of all of that… I’m still freakin vaping Nannerbear. I can’t put the stuff down!

I guess what I’m sayin is… this juice is so damn good, it started a company, moved a family half way across the country, and most importantly, made me a friend and business partner. <3
If you haven’t had it, now’s the time. If you have and love it, now’s the time to stock up!