AW batteries and Vapersapien kit refresh!

Howdy, Monkeys!

Been a while, things are nutso up here in monkey land. But, I’ve just added some new stuff recently so I figured I’d pop over here and give everyone an update.

The Silverback Kit: Im constantly trying to provide the best options for vapers at all levels and as such, I’ve brought in a lower cost Variable Wattage device that’s a little more pocket friendly than the MVP. The iTaste VV V3. The new Silverback kit includes the VV V3 with it’s charging cable, a Mini Protank 2 +2 spare 1.8 coils, and my own little toss in, the 306 debridged dripping atomizer for juice taste testing.

The Gibbon Kit hasn’t changed recently, an MVP2 + mini Protank 2, but I did recently add some wardrobe for it. I’ve got a variety of american made MVP2 skins. Carbon fiber in a variety of colors, a custom SteamMonkey wrap, a custom Grizzly Vapes wrap, and a few more styles!

I’ve also added a full line of AW IMR batteries. Nipple top 18350, 18490, and the 1600mAh 18650s. All high drain, all recommended for Z2/Link product. These are the gold standard for batteries in both the flashlight and vaping enthusiast markets.

Aside from that, I’ve also listed up some ‘parts’ for those that want spare bits for their devices. I’ve got Kangers 510 chargers, the Evod VV 1000mAh batteries, and the VV V3 solo style.

And of course the Chimp Kit (Evod VV + Mini Protank 2 + dripper) and Spidermonkey (Evod 650mAh + Evod for 15$!) are still around and kickin!

The previous iterations of the Silverback kit included 2 batteries and 2 clearomizers. With this new set up, I highly recommend picking up a spare battery or an entirely second kit so that you’ve got a spare/back up device. The main reason for the change is so that I can provide more flexibility at multiple budget levels. By offering up single battery kits with spare batteries available, people can pick and choose what all they want with only the bare essentials being included in the actual kit itself.

Follow the links above, or head over to and browse away.