Juice Sale Update 2.

Another big batch of juice came in. Just as a reminder, I’m having a store wide juice sale on all the Grizzly Vapes stuff. Tryin to drum up as much juice money as possible while we relocate Walter (the juice guy) from Tampa out to Fort Worth to work in the new facility we’re standing up.

All the Premiums (Nanner, Koko, Polarbear and Sunrise) are on sale for 13$ per 30ml (normally 15$) and all the simples are on sale for 6$ per 30ml… yes, 6$ for 30ml of juice that’s made with the same special blending process that Walter uses for all his liquids. You can’t beat that with a couple of sticks!

Just restocked 6mg in most things that were out of stock and threw in some KB12 as well. So if you were lookin for something during the sale and it sold out, it might be back.