Back online, juice sale, and help me move the Bear to Texas. is back online.

Got a few announcements to go along with it too.

First: Sunrise is live. The new premium flavor from Grizzly Vapes. It’s a blueberry, honey, citrus flavor with all the complexity you’d expect from a grizzly vapes juice and all the difficulty in actually describing the flavor. It’s good, nuff said ;)

Second: I’ve got all my juice on sale currently. Premiums are at 13$x30ml, Simples are at 6$x30ml (!) and even Sunrise is on sale.

Stock is limited at the moment but I’ll be getting more juice pretty much every day, as the PO decides to drop my boxes off. This sale will be live until March 16th and is being held for a very specific reason…

I’m opening a store and a processing facility here in Fort Worth and, as some of you know, my juice guy is my partner in the second business that focuses on wholesale and manufacture and lives in Florida…. That facility is there for him to get some serious juice cranked out and we’re moving him to Texas! I’m very excited and I”m tryin to put him to work early so we can get as much juice moved as possible, as fast as possible between now and the end of the Dallas convention coming up so he can get moved out here quickly.

Oh, and We’ll be at the Dallas convention coming up on March 14, 15, 16th. More on that later.