Vapersapian starter kits. New additions.

Howdy, All!


I’ve been busy working on my Vapersapian starter kits, the Chimp and Silverback have been crowd favorites for a while and they’ve recently been pretty seriously upgraded. I’ve also added the Spidermonkey and Gibbon kit. Details on each kit below, along with links… but more than that tonight.
I’ve restocked 18490 and 18350 button top batteries.

I’ve replaced the NCR18650PD with the NCR18650PF, it’s basically the same battery. They made some minor changes to the chem and what not to give it a longer cycle life (number of times it can be recharged basically) and increase stability on the discharge curve. Same green pannies you all know and love, but even better!

I’ve added the Kanger Mini protank 2 to the line up.

I’ve restocked Kick 2‘s.

Now, onto those kits.
The Chimp Kit is the basic starter kit. Everything you need, nothing you dont. It comes with a Kanger 1000mAh Evod VV battery, a Mini protank 2 with 2 1.8ohm heads, a 500mA 510-USB charger, and my own special touch, the debridged 306 dripping atomizer+Tip for taste testing all those delicious juices. This is the ultimate starter kit as far as “bang for your buck” and represents the best combination of gear for the lowest price to ensure that a new vaper has the best experience possible and makes the switch from stinky sticks to the heavenly clouds we all enjoy.


The Silverback Kit is basically a double down. Intended for the dedicated switcher who’s gonna move over to vaping, come hell or high water. It includes 2 of the Kanger Evod VV 1000mAh batteries, 2 of the Mini protank 2’s, 4 1.8ohm replacement coils, 1 500mA charger and 1 of those debridged 306 drippers.


The new addition to the Simian Stick battery kits is the SpiderMonkey. This is a base level, non variable 650mAh Evod battery with an Evod and a 500mA 510-USB charger. No bells, no whistles, just a straight up super small vape. Clean lines, solid performance, low price. 15 bucks.


And… introducing the first box mod for SteamMonkey. The Gibbon Kit. I’ve been a fan of the MVP line of products from Innokin for a while but I’ve never really liked the iClears that came with their devices. So… I scrapped em and slapped an evod in there instead! Best of both worlds if you ask me. Also, I’ve got em up at a super price, 60$. That gets you the normal MVP2 box (multi tipped charging cable, beauty ring, MVP2, plastic box, instruction manual) without the iClear in it, and a 1.8 Evod to go on top. I’m a big fan of this device, and Innokin is one of the few companies that really seems to put some thought into their electronics. I’m happy to have it, and I’m happy to offer it up to y’all!


Also, as a side note, I threw a few more Goldilocks Boxes up for sale in the Juice section, usually I wouldn’t restock those until I did a mass restock of my juice but with all these new kits, I felt like I should throw some more up for folks.