Grizzly Vapes back in stock!

Grizzly Vapes juice is back in stock after the Cyber Monday sale that decimated my juice shelves. Since I just did a major restock, that means the Goldilocks Box is also back in stock in limited quantity.


If you’re clamoring for a bigger bottle of the divine ursine, you can buy 4 or more bottles and get the Bulkybear discount. 4 or more bottles of any single nic/flavor will automatically be discounted 2 dollars per bottle up to as many bottles as you can jam in your cart.


The Goldilocks box is a 3 pack, one of each bear in a single nicotine strength and slightly discounted at 40 bucks instead of the normal 45 you’d pay for all three. ┬áIt also makes an excellent stocking stuffer ;)