Wick and Wire update.

Been a while, but it’s cause I’ve been in the shop processing crazy amounts of wick and wire.
I’ve updated the wick and wire offerings on SteamMonkey.


Wire: I now sell 28awg, 30awg, and 32awg Kanthal in 30ft lengths for $8.50 as opposed to the old $3.50 for 10ft. I’ve made my process for re-spooling more efficient and decided to pass my time savings onto you :)

Wick: SS Mesh stayed the same, but it’s back in stock. Ekowool… I’m back in stock on the 2mm stuff, as always it’s sold in 3ft lengths but now it comes in a fancy little can instead of just a zippy. This is way ┬ámore pocket friendly for carrying around in your kits. The updates are that I’ve added 3mm hollow and 3mm solid core Ekowool as well. The solid core is stranded with the same amorphous silica through the center, making it solid core.
Next week I’ll be re-stocking the Goldilocks box and for my wholesale customers out there, I’ve got the entirety of what’s listed above coming soon to wholesale in completely retail ready packaging.