Twist kits still on sale, and introducing the Bonobo and Orangutan Mech kits

Hey hey,


Getting ready for the holidays so expect a lot of noise over here ;)
Just a friendly reminder that the twist kits are still on sale, discounted from their normal prices. I’ve also added 2 new “kits” to the site. The Bonobo and Orangutan. These are intended to give those taking the leap into mech/RBA a little bit of a discount.

The Bonobo comes with an Igo-W and a Smok Magneto V2 (510 head, adjustable center pin, has the Smok logo and spider).

The Orangutan comes with the Smok RSST and the Smok Magneto V2.

Buy em together and you save 5 bucks, just throw in some wick and wire and batteries and you’re ready to go!

I don’t currently offer chargers on the site but I will be “soon”. I’m still working on finding what I consider to be the best charger for the value.