Give the Gift of Monkey Money.

I had em, I took em down, I brought em back. Gift Certificates.

I’ve just re-enabled gift certificates on You can find them in any category and this is how they work:

You’ll see a price of 0 listed.

You add to cart.

It asks you if you’d like to deliver via email or have it printed off. I personally recommend emailing them.

You fill out the info for the gift certificate: To, From, Note, number of certificates and amount of money to be applied to each, etc.


It’s all pretty simple and now you can give the gift of monkey money to your friends!

Gift certificates are great gifts for the smokers in our life who just won’t make the move, but they’re also good for personal use. Consider it a vapor savings account. Got a little extra cash today and don’t want to be broke and out of juice at the same time later? Grab a gift certificate for “in case of emergency” purchases of supplies, they last 1 year from the date issued.