Vapercon and the monkey, photo hunt.

Ok, I couldn’t make Vapercon, very sorry!

However, I hear I was still well represented…. I wanna see some pictures!
Post to twitter or facebook with#steammonkey with pictures of any of the following from Vapercon…

SteamMonkey products in use or in the wild.

Zen~  himself using anything.

Any mention of SteamMonkey, I had an add in the vape mag that was available there, I know a bunch of cards made the rounds, etc.

Any bottles of Grizzly Vapes juice.

Bonus points for vaper celebs using my toys ;)


I’ll collect the photos in an album and pick my favorite. The winner will get a prize. I’m not gonna list the prize, when I pick the winner, I’ll discuss options with you so you can get a prize YOU want. I’ll give you a hint though, I’m putting a decent dollar amount on the value of the prize…