Goldilocks was wrong. They’re all just right!

Ladies and Gentlemen, and the rest of you.


I’m proud to announce that the final bear is live! Polar Bear has landed! Grizzly Vapes started out as a Monkey Labs project, dude sent me a blue glass bottle with a paper label on it that said “nannerbear” on it. The juice was out of this world. I picked up the rest of what he had sitting at his place and put it up on the Monkey Labs to ‘trial’ it with my customers. It was love at first vape for everyone that tried it and shortly after that I picked up a big batch of Nanner for the store. Since then The Mad Chemist Walter has sent me Kokobear¬†and Polarbear, both of which have been met with the same amazing response.


Now that the Three Bears are in the house, it’s time for the special listing. The Goldilocks Box. This is a special box deal for the Grizzly Vapes line. Everytime I restock my shelves, I’ll be pulling out a number of each nic strength and flavor for Goldilocks Boxes. This is a 3 pack, 1 per flavor, all one nic at a discounted price. For the hardcore Grizzly fan or for the vaper who just can’t pick which one to try first. 3 bottles alone would normally be 45 bucks, the Goldilocks Box will be 40. Get em while supplies last!


Also, I’ve posted about it in the past, but I have a variety of SteamMonkey products up for wholesale to Brick and Mortar locations. I included Polar in that list tonight as well. If you’d like to see Grizzly Vapes, the Link system, or Monkey branded wick and wire packs at your local shop, tell em to hit up the site and contact me.
Stay tuned for more news, the year is almost over and I’ve got a LOT of things hitting the ground before the calendar flips to 2014!