Kit sale and Introducing the Protank 2.

Howdy all,
Been a lot of chatter about the Link and fancy hardware as of late… but fret not, my budget minded vapers. I’ve not forgotten about you!
Leading up to the holiday season I’ve decided to run a few sales. Starting with the Chimp and Silverback twist kits. Normal price on the Chimp is 35 bucks, I’ve dropped that to 30. Normal price on the Silverback is 68 bucks, I’ve dropped that to 60.

The Chimp Kit is the perfect, low cost, intro to vaping. Sure, you can get a little 15 dollar kit with a regular ego and a generic clearomizer, but why not go just a little deeper into the rabbit hole and give yourself a better chance of success in making the switch from stink sticks to the wonders of vaping? The Chimp Kit includes an 1100mAh Ego Twist battery, a Kanger Evod clearomizer, a 306 dripping atomizer with drip tip for taste testing juices, and a charging cable. It is exactly what you need to have a proper start to vaping without adding a bunch of useless stuff. The Evods are easy maintenance with readily available, cheap, replacement heads. The dripping atomizer lets you taste test a bunch of juices since you’re probably just starting out and don’t know what to fill that Evod up with JUST yet, and the twist gives you a bit of variable voltage action so you can really dial in the perfect vape.

The Silverback kit is, as the name implies, just a bigger monkey ;) It’s got 2 twists, 2 evods, 2 chargers, 1 dripping atomizer, and 1 additional spare head. This gives you the ultimate starter kit. You’ve got back ups for your hardware, a spare charger to leave at work or one for the office and one for the bedroom, and between the evods and spare head, 3 individual coil units to keep you vaping for plenty long enough to restock and not find yourself without gear and having a nic fit.


Other than the sale, I’m also starting to broaden my offerings on clearomizers. Today I put the Protank 2 up for sale in the store. This will be a new permanent fixture on SteamMonkey. I skipped the first iteration of the protank because I didn’t like that the glass wasn’t replaceable or that the drip tip was integrated. Now that both of those things are fixed, I’m all over this thing. It’s a great vape, has good capacity, and you don’t have to worry about tank killer liquids. It uses the same, standard replacement coil from kanger that is utilized in the Evod, Protank, and Mini Protanks.

Kanger does clearos right, I’ve run the gambit of products and these guys seem to actually take a bit of pride in their work. So, swing on by the store and try em out if you haven’t yet.


If you’re lookin for something to put IN that new protank… You can’t go wrong with Grizzly Vapes liquid! If you haven’t heard about Nannerbear, Kokobear, or Polarbear, you’re missing out. But don’t take my word for it… Listen to one of these guys!


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