What battery rattle?

Howdy, all.

When I was about to push my Link system out to market, I had a number of Z2 devices in my hands already. I decided to essentially clone the existing Z2 switches and bodies. I wanted to release a system that was completely parts compatible with all the existing House of Hybrids product and cloning the switches and bodies was the smart way to do that. I felt that the battery rattle wasn’t really an issue. I never noticed it, it served a purpose, and it just didn’t strike me as a big deal.

The issue is, I’m not YOU. I’m the guy making these things and you’re the people for whom I am making them. My goal is to put product out that people can’t put down. All the comments of “it rattles, but only if you shake it, and who does that?” or the arc protection, the fact that it fits all the variance in battery sizes… none of that matters if YOU are unhappy with the product.

So, I got on the phone with Zen~ from House of Hybrids. It’s no secret that I talk with the man and we run ideas by each other. Hell, I’m the first person to adopt his system and put out a Z2 product other than him with my Link RDA. He was ahead of me and had already come up with a solution that was easy to implement from our end using the existing parts and wouldn’t require a complete re-work of the switch. I’ve adopted the exact same approach so that our (Steammonkey and House of Hybrids) switches are still 100% parts compatible.

Like I said above, my goal is to put a product into your hands that you don’t want to put down. From the radius on the button being chosen for maximum comfort to the satisfying “CLICK” you get when you snap the top cap onto the dripper, I designed this product to be a vaping tool. Whether you’re having a glass of wine on your front porch, vaping at the bar of some fancy club, or out in the garage rebuilding the carb on your old truck, the zMonkey will be right at home and serve you well. The rattle detracted from that and it created a false perception of poor quality. I want you to be happy, I listened to the feedback you guys provided, and this is my response.

The new revision to the switch will have a floating insulator cup that is held in place by the firing screw and has a small spring underneath it. When you screw the switch into the body tube it will capture the battery and compress down into the switch housing. This eliminates the rattle… unless you really aggressively shake the thing enough to compress the spring with the momentum of the battery. Don’t do that, go buy a punching bag and work out your issues. It also reduces the overall throw of the switch. The throw is significantly shorter with all the batteries I have on hand for testing. People who are concerned about the throw being reduced and the device auto-firing… fret not, the spring is still a 1lb pressure spring and the force required to fire is still 1lb. This will not fire on the desk, in fact, I pushed it down on my table until it fired and then very slowly released it and it happily popped back up and stopped firing. It still isn’t firing in my pocket or anywhere else I don’t want it to. If you’re overly concerned about where you’re stashing the device, a quick half turn of the switch body to unscrew it out of the battery tube will let the cup extend up and essentially lock the device so no amount of pressure on the button will fire it. Due to how beefy the Z2 threads are, the switch stays in place and is, for all intents and purposes, locked.

Nothing else has changed about the switch. It’s still got the gold plated contacts and springs. The switches ship with 3 washers under the screw to enable minor adjustments to throw for personal preference or to adjust for different sized batteries or the addition of a vape-safe fuse or Kick2.

I’ve just received the first batch of the v1.1 SteamMonkey Brass Switches. These are currently only in the “Standard” edition, I will have CE versions of the v1.1 soon. I will be stocking zMonkeys with the new switch as well as some individual v1.1 switches right after I click “publish” on this post.
Thank you, everyone who’s given me feedback, both the kind words and the harsh insults. I started this business for vapers. I want to offer the best gear across the entire spectrum. From the Chimp Kits all the way up to the zMonkey+Link RDA. I want to provide you with the best of the best in value, quality, and performance. Your feedback is what drives me to improve. Your wants and preferences are what get written down on my whiteboard when I design. Your complaints are what keep me motivated to constantly grow and innovate. zMonkey is just the beginning of what I have coming for you guys so please, continue to give me feedback, positive or negative. I feed on it. The more I know about your wants and desires, the better product I can put out there for you to use.


-Lance Wallen
Owner, operator, designer, mailboy, and anything else that needs done:
SteamMonkey LLC