Wire restocked and some notes.



Kanthal A1 has been put back in stock in all the available gauges.


The hand blown glass tips are on sale right now at 25 dollars a piece. These are hand blown borosilicate glass tips (think pyrex) and made right here in the USA. They’re all individual and unique even within the ‘styles’ so head over and pick up the one you’re interested in while they last, they won’t be making another appearance!


E-Juice sale is still going on, use MOIST as a coupon code and you’ll get all the 15ml bottles of juice in your cart at 6 bucks a pop!


I’m bringing 3mm ekowool to the store soon, I’ve got a huge batch of restocks coming, so if there’s an item you’re after that’s currently out of stock, head over to any product page and click on the “Notify me when back in stock” link under the add to cart button, you can sign up for 1 or as many different products as you’d like and make sure you don’t miss the restock this time.

I’ve got a bunch of news coming before the end of 2013 on new products, new developments for the link system, and more so, stay tuned!