Polarbear promo and the Russian 91%

Howdy, Monkeys!


Couple announcements. The first one, I’m very excited about… Polar Bear. The third, and final bear for the Grizzly Vapes line. Let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint. Polar uses the Nannerbear base just like Kokobear, and like Kokobear, it has a little something special in it… some extra chill. This chill comes from a special source.

Icicles.¬†Icicles is a beast of a menthol. This stuff is straight up cold. I’m serious, this liquid is like having your entire face and chest invaded by an army of tiny yeti. It’s cold, frozen, do not nose inhale this unless you’re brave. Lots of people say “this is the coldest menthol you’ll ever taste!” and they might be right, but it’ll be wrong as soon as you taste this stuff. Seriously, the only way you could get more chill is if you crushed raw menthol crystal into a powder and snorted it, rockstar style, off of a dead Alaskan hookers ass.

It’s from Axiom Vaping¬†and if you are searching for the ultimate menthol…. your search is over. Even if you’re not and occasionally have issues with sinus congestion, you might still wanna pick up a bottle.

Now, polar… not quite as intense as Icicles. Walter the Chemist (our own personal Heisenberg) integrated Icicles into his proprietary mixing process for the Bear line and created something special here. All the complex flavors and overtones from the previous bears but with that blast of cold to back it all up and give you a refreshing all day vape.

It is currently in promo mode. A VERY limited supply of 12mg bottles at a reduced price of 12 dollars. Pick it up, give us a review on reddit, facebook, etc.


Next up, the Russian 91%. This is the Kayfun Lite clone with an airflow control. It’s a silica style rebuildable atomizer. It’s up for sale in limited quantities, I’ll restock em if they move, if you’re wanting one, swing by and snatch it up.