Bulkybear discount and new hand blown glass tips.

Howdy, All.


Just had a couple additions to the store. First of which is the addition of the Bulkybear discount. I’ve been getting asked quite a bit to get bigger bottles of Nannerbear and Kokobear (And i’m sure Polarbear will be asked about too when we launch it!). Rather than change up our stock offerings I’ve applied a bulk discount to orders that include 4 or more bottles of Grizzly Vapes liquids. Basically, if you put 4 or more bottles in your cart of any Grizzly Vapes juice you’ll get 2 dollars off each bottle. So… stock up for the vapocalypse and never be without your bear bear ;)


Also, I’ve added a one time run of hand blown borosilicate (think pyrex) glass tips. These are beautiful pieces, all made right here in the USA. Check em out in the Monkey Labs or under USA Hardware.