SteamMonkey Wholesale for B&Ms

Howdy, All.

My intent from the beginning was to build SteamMonkey into a brand and not just a retail outlet. As such I’ve started taking the first steps now that my exclusive product offerings are starting to grow.
I have launched the wholesale portion of my store. You won’t be able to see it until I have given you access. This is primarily for B&M locations who would like to pick up some of the SteamMonkey exclusive products. I will also be offering up pre-processed wick and wire.
Initial listings will include the following:

Grizzly Vapes juice. Nanner Bear and Koko Bear will be available, the third bear is coming. This is an amazing liquid that has been universally well reviewed. The Chemist that mixes this liquid has seriously cracked the code on the chemical composition and behaviour of our liquids. The process used ensures a shelf stable liquid that requires NO steeping as well as a depth and complexity of flavor that just can’t be touched. I will have a variety of listings for the juice depending on how you’d like to order.
We are starting the listings with the “Retail starter pack” which is a single flavor, 10 bottles of each nicotine strength available (6, 12, 18mg) for a total of 30 bottles. All 30ml. This is a pre-order situation that will end on October 15th. All orders placed during the pre-order will ship on or before October 20th.
I will also be offering up 20 packs of single nic strength, single flavors in the future. The pre-order is only for the retail starter packs.


I will also be offering up 100 packs of 3ft pre-cut Ekowool 2mm size. This is official Ekowool, directly from the manufacturer. I cut it down into 3ft lengths and tape the ends to prevent fraying. This takes all the work out of selling one of the best wicks on the market today.


The Link. If you’re seeing this, chances are you know what the Link is. I will have wholesale pricing on the system available on the store. The wholesale offerings will be 3 packs of a single configuration. I.e. 3x 18350+switch+510 head, or 3x 18650+switch+RDA head. ┬áThe switches include an allen key and spare washer for adjusting the throw and the RDA includes it’s own allen key as well.

There will also be a “represent the line” pack which will include a total of 12 devices. 2 of each possible configuration. There is a steeper discount on the Represent the Line pack as a thank you for throwing it all up in your store.

Moving forward, I will be releasing a lot more product into the wholesale section of my store. I am developing more products for the Link system and all future developments in the Link system will be available for wholesale purchase before the launch date so that B&Ms are able to participate in the launch day fun.
If you’re interested in wholesale, register on the site and shoot me a message with your username / user number. I will email you with some questions and get you set up. If you have any questions in particular about the various offerings, feel free to message me on any of the social networks you see me frequent and we’ll get communication rolling.
Online vendors are ok, but the listings that are available for online sale are limited at the moment. As I release more zMonkey product, I’ll be relaxing my online sales restriction.