Link back in stock!

Howdy, Monkeys!

I just put the link full device listings back in stock. The full devices  now have the 10% discount baked into the list price, no more coupon code. This is a limited stock offer. The system is designed to be a la carte. I’ll be putting kits up as I put them together but the bulk of the items will be in individual components. If you’re just getting into the Z2 system, this is a great way to save a little bit of money up front and get a full device so you’re ready to start using the true strength of the Z2 system. It’s modularity! Once you have a set up, you won’t have to buy a ‘full device’ again unless you just want all the parts. All Z2 compatible heads, switches and bodies will work together. Pick up a zMonkey Brass 18650+rda and down the road, decide you want a 18350 version? No problem! You don’t need to but a whole new device. Just pick up an 18350 tube and your switch and RDA will screw right in. Already got a Cinis from House of Hybrid and wish you had  dripper? Again no problem, just pick up the RDA and it’ll fit on all the Z2 products being produced by Zen himself.


Poke about on the site, the reviews from the launch day sales are starting to pop up on Steammonkey and other places around the internet. They’ve all been resoundingly positive. Zen himself was caught on camera in vegas already this weekend sporting  Link RDA ;)

So, swing by and snatch em while they’re available! The CE stuff has one more, extremely limited restock coming but after that it’s gone forever. I won’t be doing another batch of gunmetal for this line.