China stock and Link restock plans.

Howdy, All.


I just threw some restocks up on china gear and added a new item.

For restocks, I put up more AGR carto tanks, a restock on the short replacement tanks for the AGR, more Igo-W’s and some more carto punches.

I also added the AGR+. This is a pyrex tanked version of the AGR. It has a little center column piece that holds the top cap and bottom cap together with a pyrex tank in the middle. It comes with XL and standard length tanks/columns so it can take both of the sized cartos I sell in the store. If you’re fond of another brand of carto other than Boge, as long as they’re the same length/diameter as a boge carto, either standard or XXL (XL Boge is the same as XXL), it should work. However, these were designed with Boge in mind by the manufacturer.

The Magneto was added last week and I added the button top Efest 18490 and 18350 batteries.


Now, for the Link. The initial launch was great. I’ll be adding more stock on Saturday. Restocks will be sporadic due to the processing involved in getting them up and ready for retail but I’ll be putting what I’ve got prepped back up on Saturday. Following that I will be adding them as I get a batch processed and ready in different form factors.

If you want to see the second they go up, head over to the product page that you’re looking for, over by the “Add to cart” theres a button that says “Add to wishlist” underneath that is a link for “notify me when Back-In-Stock” This is an email notification sign up. It will only email you when THAT particular item goes back in stock. if you’re looking for multiple items, you’ll need to sign up on each product page individually. I know that is a bit of a chore, but I figure most people will only care about an item or two, and don’t want to know every time I’m adding stock on Evod heads or Ekowool :)


Speaking of Ekowool… Some of you might have noticed a little news update from the makers of ekowool recently about “counterfeit” eko out in the wild. I wanted to let you guys know that I only purchase my Ekowool directly from the manufacturer and always will. I didn’t carry Silica wicking material before because I was unable to verify it’s composition and there are types of silica wicking out there in the twisted rope format that are decidedly unsafe for vaping on. Some of it is perfectly safe, but not all of it and none of the sources for wick material that I contacted could verify, with certainty that they were using the composition that I approve of. Then Ekowool happened and I immediately snatched it up and started stocking it. It’s a great wicking material in any form of rebuilt device and I’m not going to compromise my customers safety to save a buck, if I can’t get official, verified Ekowool directly from the Manufacturer, I will simply stop carrying it. It’s worth the extra cost to me to know that I’m using a quality product and providing a safe vape to my customers.