Link Launch stock getting thin.



Friday the 13th be damned ;) The Link launch stock is getting a little thin. Those that already ordered should be receiving their gear next week! Please, shoot me some feedback, post your reviews and send me links, review it on the site, however you want to let me know what you think, please let me know. I wanna see how you’re building those vertical coils!


I’ll be doing a restock on Thursday. If the bits you’re interested are out of stock, there is a link on the product page for email notifications. It will only email you when that particular item gets put back up in stock, if you’re interested in multiple listings, you’ll need to sign up for each one individually. I know that’s a pain, but it’d be more of a pain if the sign up included ‘anything’ I put back in stock… that’d get spammy, fast!


If you wanna get your grubby lil mits on a Link, better act fast!