The Link Launch Friday the 13th, 6pm CDT.

It’s finally that time!


Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at 6pm CDT I will be putting the Link system in stock. All of the product pages are live in the USA Hardware section of the site already.
There are some small changes since the last update.

I will be launching with 13 of every item/kit. This means there will be 13 of each configuration and each individual part. I know that I said I wouldn’t be offering the Collectors Edition (Gunmetal) parts individually, but after a large number of requests from existing Z2 system owners, I’ve decided to break up some of my CE “Kits” and offer the parts individually. So, there will be 13 of each CE RDA+CE Drip tip, CE 510 Head and CE Switch.

On the complete zMonkey kits there is a special coupon code in the product description (Z24LIFE) that will grant you a 1 time, 10% discount on any ‘full device’. That includes the Barrel of zMonkeys!

After the initial launch tomorrow I will be doing a restock with a very limited number of CE Devices and a full restock in greater numbers of the standard edition items and full set ups.

Get your F5 ready for our Friday the 13th Launch. It goes live at 6pm Texas Time!