Link system: final prices.

Howdy, Folks!


Launch time is growing near. I’m expecting my final shipments of parts tomorrow with a tentative plan to have the launch on Friday evening. I will be posting another update Wednesday or Thursday with the official launch time.  I’ve gone through and scrubbed my numbers for the final pricing though and they can be found below.

The Z2 and by extension, my Link system is designed to be modular. You’re supposed to be able to grab a switch, head, and body type of your choosing and build your own form factor. As such, I’ll be launching the product in an ‘a la cart’ format. All the individual components from the Standard Edition (i.e. brass and stainless bits) will be available separately. Switch, battery tubes, and the 510 and RDA heads. If you already have a Z2 device like a sidewinder or any of the tube devices already on the market, you can pick up my RDA and it’ll just slap right on there. Prefer a brass body and switch but want to use the Zen Carto tank? Not a problem, my switch and tubes will be available individually. The exception to that rule will be the Collectors Edition (Gunmetal plated bits). I will be offering those as a “full device” only. The CE stuff will come with 1 CE switch, 1 battery tube, 1 CE head (510 or RDA) and 1 custom CE drip tip. There will be a very limited number of my Barrel of Monkeys kit which will include 1 of each battery tube, 1 CE switch, 1 CE drip tip, 1 CE RDA and 1 CE 510 head.

Now, I also want to promote the adoption of the Z2 system. To do this, I will be listing a small batch of  full PVs (switch+head+battery tube) at regular intervals along side of the a la cart offerings. The full PV list price will be the sum of it’s components. However, there will be, on the product page, a coupon code for 10% off. This coupon code will work 1 time per customer and is there specifically for the folks that are just getting into this system.

If you have questions about the prices, why they are what they are, etc, feel free to contact me via any of the social outlets you know you can find me on (facebook, twitter, ECF, reddit, HEM, carrier pigeon, IRC, telepathy, etc).


Link System Prices:
SteamMonkey Brass Switch: 65$

SteamMonkey Brass CE Switch: 75$

Link 510 Head: 28$

Link CE 510 Head: 38$

SteamMonkey Brass 18650 Body: 42$

SteamMonkey Brass 18490 Body: 40$

SteamMonkey Brass 18350 Body: 38$

Link RDA Head: 80$

Link CE RDA Head: 100$

Link CE Drip Tip: 24$


Full device Prices (10% coupon code applied, remember, 1 time use per customer)

Standard 18350/510:  117.90$

Standard 18490/510: 119.70$

Standard 18650/510: 121.50$

Standard 18350/RDA: 164.70$

Standard 18490/RDA: 166.50$

Standard 18650/RDA: 168.30$

CE 18350/510: 157.50$

CE 18490/510: 159.30$

CE 18650/510: 161.10$

CE 18350/RDA: 213.30$

CE 18490/RDA: 215.10$

CE 18650/RDA: 216.90$

CE Barrel of Monkeys (1ea 18350, 18490, 18650 battery tube, CE Switch, CE 510, CE RDA, CE Drip Tip): 321.30$