Chimp Kits back in stock.

Howdy all,

I just put the Chimp Kits back in stock. The Silverback kits should be back up sometime later in the week or first thing next week. (waiting on Kanger)

I’ve also added a product video for the Twist kits to the product page (linked above).


I”m running a promo on Juice, seems folks still don’t know I’m sellin it, so maybe a sale will get the word out! If you use the Coupon code MOIST at check out, you get 10% off any E-liquid in the cart.

For those that don’t know, my Chimp Kit is an Ego Twist kit, it comes with a 1100mAh Ego Twist, an Evod, a debridged 306 Dripping atomizer and a 510-USB charging cable.