International Shipping updated.

So, a few weeks ago I added Canada to the countries I’m willing to ship to.

Today I added a bunch more.

Special note: I do not ship 18350, 18500, 18490, or 18650 batteries internationally. The product pages warn you about this but it WILL let you add it to your cart.

If you place an order for international shipment with a prohibited product in the cart (batteries), I will simply cancel the order and refund your costs. I won’t contact you, I won’t remove the items and push the order through. This is an administrative nightmare so I’m just cancelling orders for people who don’t read the directions.

Also, I do not charge VAT on my store. That will be between you and your customs officer. Returns and refunds for international orders are handled on a case by case basis. I take good care of my customers, so don’t worry.

The shipping option you have available to you is First Class International from the USPS. It will be handed off to your countries local post office and handled through them once it reaches your border and clears customs.

All the disclaimers aside, Steammonkey now ships to the following countries outside of the US.

New Zealand
Ireland (regardless of your church of choice)
United Kingdom (yes I recognize some of that is redundant, it’s just how my store organizes it so I’m posting it that way)

Also, I ship to all APO AP, AE, etc addresses as well.