Save a tree…

Mornin, Troopers!


One of my on-going tasks as a business owner is to try to make my operations as environmentally sound as possible. I’ve been making changes since I launched to become more efficient and less wasteful. Until now, those changes have been mostly behind the scenes as far as my customers perspective. Today I’m making a change that will effect anyone who places an order.

I will no longer be including a hard-copy of your invoice in packages I ship. You’ve received a digital copy in your email when you placed the order and I no longer need the slip of paper for my order fulfillment process. I’ve moved to a digital process that is faster, easier, and much more friendly to the environment. I know, for a fact, that most of you just chuck that bad boy right in the trash unless you asked me to draw you a picture (which I rarely, if ever, do anyway… DONT ASK! lol) so I’m not too concerned that you guys will be upset about this.


If you absolutely must have a copy of your invoice and do not have the ability to print it out, please, feel free to email me and I”ll either mail one in an envelope or provide you with it in another way. You should have a digital copy in your inbox seconds after placing your order.


Thanks for understanding, and stay tuned for more news updates! I’ll be getting some updates on my Link system, re-stocking the Chimp and Silverback kits, and getting some new E-liquids for the store very soon!

p.s. If you’re a vendor and would like some tips and tricks on how to reduce your waste or intelligently deal with excess packaging, etc, I’m always open to assist! Feel free to contact me through any of the channels you know I frequent :)