Rebuilding a better tomorrow, RBA supplies at SteamMonkey.

There’s been a lot of posting about our Catalyst, kit updates, and our juice refresh but I wanted to remind folks about one section of the store that I take personal pride in, our rebuildable supplies. I started selling Kanthal and Stainless Steel Mesh shortly after I opened up the SteamMonkey online store. Since then, […]

Catalyst Round 2.

The second batch of catalysts have gone up on SteamMonkey. Glow in the Dark is currently off the options list but we’ve still got the other colors as well as the two color change options out there. Get em while they’re hot.

What happens when you put a bear inside a unicorn?

So, the sale is over and I alluded to a bit of a shake up on the juice line. We’ve decided to go back to our roots. Back to the place where we chose function over form, value and quality over bling and trend chasing. We’ve completely revamped our packaging for all of the Grizzly […]

Juice sale and re-classification of the Decodence line.

We’re getting back to our roots and dropping some of the pretense we picked up recently. The Decodence line just doesn’t jive with us, we’ve always been about offering the best product for the best price and not trying to “keep up with the Joneses” so to speak. As such, the Decodence line is being […]

Catalyst Exotics live, and a brief video.

Ahoy,   I just added a small batch of Catalysts to the store along with the Exotic color options. We’ll be putting some spare doors up in stock in the next week or so for those of you who want to have a spare or change out colors on the door. Full DIY kits and […]