Vapersapian starter kits. New additions.

Howdy, All!   I’ve been busy working on my Vapersapian starter kits, the Chimp and Silverback have been crowd favorites for a while and they’ve recently been pretty seriously upgraded. I’ve also added the Spidermonkey and Gibbon kit. Details on each kit below, along with links… but more than that tonight. I’ve restocked 18490 and […]

Grizzly Vapes back in stock!

Grizzly Vapes juice is back in stock after the Cyber Monday sale that decimated my juice shelves. Since I just did a major restock, that means the Goldilocks Box is also back in stock in limited quantity.   If you’re clamoring for a bigger bottle of the divine ursine, you can buy 4 or more […]

Cyber Monkay… err Mondey… whatever, you get it.

I don’t do sales usually but hey, Cyber Monday… Tonight at about 10pm CDT I’ll be updating the prices for Cyber Monday on the following items: The Best hybrid, rebuildable dripping atomizer rig on the market. 18650 Mode: Regular price: $187. Cyber Monday Price: $150 18490 Mode: Regular price: $185. Cyber Monday Price: $148 The […]