Goldilocks was wrong. They’re all just right!

Ladies and Gentlemen, and the rest of you.   I’m proud to announce that the final bear is live! Polar Bear has landed! Grizzly Vapes started out as a Monkey Labs project, dude sent me a blue glass bottle with a paper label on it that said “nannerbear” on it. The juice was out of […]

Link RDA Available at VaperCon through Electronicstix.

I can’t make it to Vapercon but my gear can! Electronicstix will have some Link RDA’s available at their booth this weekend both Stainless Steel and some Gunmetal. There’s also a small army of folks that will be walking around with zMonkey’s and Grizzly Vapes juice. Catch em, ask em about their monkey and you […]

Last day to get MOIST (and a restock)

I’m changing juice offerings up for 2014 and as such, I need to move my current 15ml bottles. the Coupon code MOIST will get you 40% off any 15ml bottle of liquid in your cart. that means 15ml for 6 bucks. Today is the last day I’m running the sale, after this I’m just taking […]

Kit sale and Introducing the Protank 2.

Howdy all, Been a lot of chatter about the Link and fancy hardware as of late… but fret not, my budget minded vapers. I’ve not forgotten about you! Leading up to the holiday season I’ve decided to run a few sales. Starting with the Chimp and Silverback twist kits. Normal price on the Chimp is […]

What battery rattle?

Howdy, all. When I was about to push my Link system out to market, I had a number of Z2 devices in my hands already. I decided to essentially clone the existing Z2 switches and bodies. I wanted to release a system that was completely parts compatible with all the existing House of Hybrids product and […]

Follow the Monkey.

Howdy all. I’ve got a couple of social network related contests coming up soon. I’ll be putting a threshold on the prize tiers that are on it that involve likes on various networks. The more likes that get hit, the higher the value of the prize that will be given away. As such… it’s time […]

Wire restocked and some notes.

Ahoy,   Kanthal A1 has been put back in stock in all the available gauges.   The hand blown glass tips are on sale right now at 25 dollars a piece. These are hand blown borosilicate glass tips (think pyrex) and made right here in the USA. They’re all individual and unique even within the […]

15ml Juice Blow Out: 40% off all 15ml bottles.

Moist… You heard me, MOIST. I’m about to make some changes to my e-juice line up and I need room in the stock fridge. So, I’m selling all my 15ml bottles of e-liquid at a blow out price of 40% off. Just use the coupon code MOIST at check out. This brings 15ml bottles down […]

Polarbear promo and the Russian 91%

Howdy, Monkeys!   Couple announcements. The first one, I’m very excited about… Polar Bear. The third, and final bear for the Grizzly Vapes line. Let me tell you, it does NOT disappoint. Polar uses the Nannerbear base just like Kokobear, and like Kokobear, it has a little something special in it… some extra chill. This […]