Small change to the Collectors Edition Offerings

After a LOT of freakin requests for gunmetal parts to be “sold separately” I’ve decided to cave :p I will be listing the CE kits just like I had mentioned before, but I will also be pulling off a small number of CE Drippers and CE 510 heads to be “sold separately” for those that […]

Nannerbear back in stock.

Howdy, Folks.   Everyones favorite (or if you haven’t tried it, soon to be favorite) juice just got a partial restock. Bunch of 12mg went up and a small batch of 6mg. I’m expecting another box tomorrow with 18mg and some more 6mg. Get it while it’s hot!  

Link system: final prices.

Howdy, Folks!   Launch time is growing near. I’m expecting my final shipments of parts tomorrow with a tentative plan to have the launch on Friday evening. I will be posting another update Wednesday or Thursday with the official launch time.  I’ve gone through and scrubbed my numbers for the final pricing though and they […]

sneak peak at the first CE Link+RDA.

Here ya go my little monkeys. The first shot of a fully assembled Link+RDA Collectors Edition. pictured below from left to right: CE Gunmetal Plated drip tip, custom 30mm Wide Bore created by Captivape. CE Link RDA, gunmetal plated, gold contacts, vertical coil dripper, Z2 compatible. SteamMonkey Brass 18650 Tube, Z2 compatible. SteamMonkey Brass CE […]

cartos, tips, AGRs and replacement tanks.

Howdy, folks. Just restocked the following: Boge 2.0 Cartomizers. Boge 3.0 XL Cartomizers. Straight Pipe and Long Stainless Steel Drip tips. The AGR Carto Tank. Replacement tanks for the AGR Carto Tank.   Enjoy!