SteamMonkey Wholesale for B&Ms

Howdy, All. My intent from the beginning was to build SteamMonkey into a brand and not just a retail outlet. As such I’ve started taking the first steps now that my exclusive product offerings are starting to grow. I have launched the wholesale portion of my store. You won’t be able to see it until […]

Kokobear is LIVE.

Just a quick update, Kokobear passed the test, it’s every bit as awesome as Nannerbear. if you’re a choco vape lover, you owe your tongue a run with this stuff. If you’ve never found a choco vape that you liked… that’s cause Kokobear wasn’t out until just now This juice is crafted, not mixed. The […]

Dead or Alive, 30ml, 50/50, In stock!

I’ve got Dead or Alive up on the store in 30ml bottles now, 50/50 blend in three nic strengths, 6, 12, 18mg. This is a monster juice. It started out life as a Boba clone but the mixer Ejoose started tweaking it and playing around and ended up with something that I personally think is […]

Link back in stock!

Howdy, Monkeys! I just put the link full device listings back in stock. The full devices¬† now have the 10% discount baked into the list price, no more coupon code. This is a limited stock offer. The system is designed to be a la carte. I’ll be putting kits up as I put them together […]

Zen bounty hunter contest.

The first person to tweet me a picture of Zen using one of the Link RDAs or a Brass Monkey tube gets a free CE drip tip. No, Zen, you don’t get to play Tweet the pic to @steammonkey @houseofhybrids  

China stock and Link restock plans.

Howdy, All.   I just threw some restocks up on china gear and added a new item. For restocks, I put up more AGR carto tanks, a restock on the short replacement tanks for the AGR, more Igo-W’s and some more carto punches. I also added the AGR+. This is a pyrex tanked version of […]

Link Launch stock getting thin.

So,   Friday the 13th be damned The Link launch stock is getting a little thin. Those that already ordered should be receiving their gear next week! Please, shoot me some feedback, post your reviews and send me links, review it on the site, however you want to let me know what you think, please […]

Kokobear and the Smok Magneto

It’s not all about the Link this weekend! I just put two new items up in stock. The Smok Tech Magneto¬†which, while not as super awesome cool as my own Link (c’mon, daddy’s gotta be proud!) it’s a DAMN fine mech. I picked one up a few weeks ago to try it out and was […]

The Link Launch Friday the 13th, 6pm CDT.

It’s finally that time!   Tomorrow, Friday the 13th, at 6pm CDT I will be putting the Link system in stock. All of the product pages are live in the USA Hardware section of the site already. There are some small changes since the last update. I will be launching with 13 of every item/kit. […]