Ekowool and SS Mesh back in stock.

Sorry all, I’m a little behind on my material processing but mesh and ekowool are back in stock. There will be more restocks happening this week as well, RSST’s are in house, I’m just finishing up the monkey cans, I’ve got a box of drip tips and I’ll be processing another batch of wires today […]

How to keep up with the Monkey.

Ahoy! (in a pirate mood today).   If you want to keep up with the monkey and his various news (and trust me, the last half of the year is gonna be chock full of it) you might wanna add me on various social networks. You can use the little links on the side of […]

Juice is coming soon!

‘m proud to present the first official juice supplier for Steam Monkey. DB Liquids! Y’all know and love him, he’s been around reddit for some time and is making some really decent quality juice. I will be picking up multiple suppliers for juice so that I can offer you all the best variety of high […]

Hello to our frosty northern Brothers and Sisters.

Howdy Troopers,   Today I’ve opened shipping to our frosty northern Brothers and Sisters… Canada.   The only shipping option is USPS First Class for now. I may be expanding this in the future, but for now this is a ‘trial run’ on international shipping. Please keep in mind, I will not ship Lithium Batteries […]