SD Can on clearance!

I just dropped the price on my SD Juice cans, these are sorta like the U-Can from Innokin but, in my opinion, a lot more effective. Check out the video on the product page for details!   SD-Can     -Lance

Propaganda art contest!

I’m running a propaganda art contest over on Reddit, if you’ve got chops for making posters, check out the thread HERE and submit your work!

RBA Restock.

Howdy Troop,   I just did a rather large restock of my RBAs and Carto Tanks. The RBAs on my site have all had their prices reduced and the listing has changed. Previously they came in a Monkey Can which had a sampler pack of my various wick materials and wires. I have reduced the […]

Link Sneak Peak

These are not ‘final’ but pretty close. The first pic is the Brass Monkey tube. It’s brushed right now, the final finish might be exactly like this, or polished. I haven’t made the final determination yet. I’m going to polish one of the prototypes and leave one brushed and just leave em on my desk […]

Lung Yummies are live.

Howdy Troop,   I just put the first batch of E-liquid up on the store. Here. My first batch is from DB Liquids and includes 4 different flavors. Each flavor comes in either 50/50 or Max VG and in 6, 12, and 18mg nicotine strength. I currently only have the 15ml bottles, but I’ll be […]

Here’s the Z2 product page for you F5ers

The Z2 switch will go in stock at 6pm CDT. I will be putting 48 of them up for sale in this batch. If demand is there, a second and final batch will be run in a week or two.

Z2 switch, going live tonight.

My first run of Z2 compatible switches are in. Check out the video.   For those that dont’ want to watch, this is basically a direct clone of the Z2 switch, same finish, same gold plated contacts, a perfect fit for all your Z2 compatible devices. Enjoy!

RSST price reduced, back in stock. Change to Monkey Cans.

Howdy Monkeys,   I’ve restocked the RSST and dropped the price. I’ve also changed how I’m listing my RBAs. It’s come to my attention that a lot of folks don’t really care about the can, experienced users, etc. So, I’m now offering my RBAs at a slightly reduced price and offering the Monkey Can as […]